300+ Chinese Nicknames

There are only two languages in the world, which have over a billion speakers and Chinese is one of them. It is also the most used mother tongue and the most learned second language. Not only that, but it is also one of the hardest languages for learning, with a most unrecognizable handwriting style. But still, it is lovely and has a lot of variety.

Like English, Spanish, French, and Hindi, the Chinese language has a varied range of nicknames for males and females. They are unique and one should learn the basic speaking style for learning the pronunciation. Still, people are using these nicknames to call each other because; they are cute, interesting, and completely different from the other languages.

Cute Chinese Nicknames for The Guys

  1. Kě’ài de liǎn kǒng— It literally means cute face. Give this name to a guy, who is innocent and cute.
  2. Cōngmíng de rén— It means smart. You can choose it for a guy who always looks cool and smart.
  3. Mr. Xinchao— It means trendy. Pick it for a guy who always follows the latest fashion trends.
  4. Niu Niu— It means cute and energetic. If you know a guy who has both qualities, then it is the best choice!
  5. Mai Dou— It means cute piggy.
  6. Banbang—It means soldier and we all know that soldiers are smart and handsome. So, you can pick it for a guy, who looks like a soldier.
  7. Long AoTian— It literally means Perfect. And in my opinion, it will suit for your crush.
  8. Gao Fushai— Is the guy rich and handsome? If yes, then he deserves this nickname.
  9. Bao Shuang— There are some guys who have the ability to satisfy everyone and making them happy. If you know any, give this nickname to him as it means best satisfied.
  10. Hěn kù de jiāhuo— It is for a cool and cute guy.
  11. Long Huo—Chinese people have a great importance on the stories of dragons. It is for a guy who is tall and hot as it literally means dragon fire.
  12. Meng Bao— Aww! It means cute babe. It will suit a guy who is as cute as a baby.
  13. Xi yang yang—Do you know any guy who is righteous and stands for the right things? If yes, then he deserves this one!
  14. Lan Piao— It is for the girls whose best friend is a boy and he is so cute. It means Cute best friend.
  15. Ben Ben— It means fatty fatty. It is for a guy who is a little fat, but still, looks cute and innocent.
  16. Lao Tie— It means bestie.
  17. Si Gui— A cute nickname for a naughty and charming guy. It means little ghost.
  18. Jian Touman— Is the guy really gentle and respectful towards others? Then pick this nickname for him as it means gentleman.
  19. Xia Cao— grass of school
  20. Xiao MeiNan— It means little beautiful boy. It suits the one, who is adorable and cute. I recommend it for the teenagers.
  21. Xia Mian yang—It means little sheep. It will suit the guy who is innocent and appealing.
  22. Nen Bao— It is a sweet nickname for an adorable guy. It literally means a young baby. Like Xiao MeiNan, it will suit the teenagers.
  23. Chun YeMen— Some guys are brave and they never leave the right thing. If you know any in your circle with such qualities, then it is the best nickname for him. It literally means brave and right.
  24. Liang Ren— In English, it translates into a good person. You can choose it for a kind and helpful guy.
  25. Lao Liumeng— It means you old hentai!
  26. Shao Mao— It means silly hat. You can pick this cute nickname for a person who is very innocent.
  27. Shu Dai—Do you know a guy who loves reading? If yes, then call him Shu Dai as it means the reader.
  28. Da Xia— It means helpful.
  29. Ji RouNan— It means a masculine guy. It suits a person who is strong and loves bodybuilding activities.
  30. Kě’ài de xiàoróng— It means cute smile. It is for a guy who has a heart-melting smile.

Chinese Nicknames for The Boyfriend

  1. Xia XianRou— It means cute bf. If you think your boyfriend is cute, then he deserves this nickname.
  2. Nan-shen— It means a person who is God-like. It will suit a guy who is dominant in your relationship with him.
  3. Xiao Tiahie qi— Does he controls the sexy moments? If yes, then call him with this nickname by today. It means my controller.
  4. Nuam Nan— You look at him and your heart gets melt. If that happens to you, then he is the bf to be called as the one who melts the heart.
  5. Changchang— Is he smart and the one and only? If yes, then call him changchang as it literally means flourishing.
  6. Xiao Chulian— It means my first love. If it is your first relationship and you are thinking it to be the last one, then it is for you.
  7. Xian NenRou— It is a sexy nickname for your bf as it means fresh meat.
  8. Xintiao— It means my heartbeat. It is a cute and short nickname to tell your bf that he really meant a lot to you.
  9. Lao Gong— In the Chinese tradition, before marriage the girl call her partner as the old husband and will call her by name after getting married.
  10. Lao Tou— It means old head. Looks cute to let each other know that you are in a relationship for a long time.
  11. Fu Chun— If he deals with you gently, then he has the right to be called a gentle husband.
  12. Bao Ba— I just love this nickname. It means dad of my future babies. It is a way of letting him know that you see him as your husband.
  13. Qiaokele— Is your bf sexiest among all? Then call him with this nickname as it means chocolaty.
  14. In AiDe—It is a cute way of calling him “my darling.”
  15. Xia Dong Xie—It means my east and west. It is another sweet nickname to tell him that he is everything for you.
  16. Mo Wang— If he loves being romantic all the time, then he is your demon king.
  17. Xiang Gong— In ancient times, Chinese women use it to say, my husband. Nowadays, it is for the boyfriends.
  18. Dang JiaDe— Another one to tell his importance in your life. It means Master of the home.
  19. Jian Jian— It means the one who always loves you.
  20. Guab Ren— A simple nickname for a cute bf.
  21. Ba ba— It means daddy. A suited nickname for your husband-to-be/
  22. Wai Zi—It means master.
  23. Tu Fei— If he is cute and always hungry for sex, so you can call him Tu Fei.
  24. Tu Zei— Same as the above nickname.
  25. Zong cai— It means the chief executive officer. It is suitable for a guy who has the ability to be your husband.
  26. Huang Shang— In English, it means my emperor.
  27. Bi Xia— Same as above!
  28. Mao Xo you— It is for a boyfriend, who is sweet and charming.
  29. Ge ge— It means brother. Are you shocked? Well. Calling your bf as brother is a sign that you are welcoming him in your family.
  30. Xia Xengan—It means little heart.
  31. Huang Amma— It means royal. It is for a bf who has a magnetic personality and noble attitude.
  32. XiaoAo JiangHu— It is the name of the hero of the novel “The Legend of Condor.” If you have read the story and you think your bf resembles him, then you can pick it.
  33. Xiao ZaiZi— It means my little puppy. It is a cute way of showing your love and affection towards your bf.
  34. Liu—If he feels sexually happy with you, then call him Liu.
  35. Yinghan—It is a deep meaning nickname as it means hard guy. It suits the one who loves hard sex.
  36. Laoshu— It means my mouse. Looks cute!
  37. Chang Gochao— Another one for a seductive bf as it means the climax lover

Funny Chinese Nicknames For The Guys

  1. Biànshì tóushǒu— A funny nickname for a guy, who hates spending money on the friends. It means penny Pitcher.
  2. Liumang— Does he always loves fighting? If yes, then call him with this nickname as it means the gangster.
  3. Zheng Tai—It is for a guy who is above 20 years, but looks 12 years old.
  4. Jiangu— It will suit a stupid and foolish guy as it means nuts.
  5. Shi Diatao— It means a big pile of shit. It does not need any explanation.
  6. Di TouZu— It is for a guy who is always busy on his phone.
  7. Fuqin—Do you know a guy who treats you like a little kid? If yes, then you can call him “father.”
  8. Tang Seng—It means talkative. It is for a guy, who talks a lot.
  9. Jiao— It is a short and funny nickname for the guy, who sticks to you. It means glue.
  10. Zhai Nan— It is for a guy who is not social and always avoids parties and hangouts.
  11. Ji ShuZai— It means the same as above.
  12. Xu—It means dogman. Although it looks derogatory, Chinese people find it funny.
  13. Sha Gua— It means silly pumpkin. It will suit a guy who is fat and foolish.
  14. He Shang— It means monk. It is for the guy, who hates talking about sexy things.
  15. Hua Fei— It means chemistry lover. If you have watched the cartoon “Dexter”, then you would have known such type of guys.
  16. Da Ye— It means old grandpa. It is for a guy who always advises you to be good.
  17. Jin ZhengHu— It means skinny.
  18. Yin Chi— It is for a guy who is cute but has a bad tone while singing. In English, such guys are called the bathroom singers.
  19. Xiao Pang— Is he a little fatty? Okay, choose it for him.
  20. Fo Xinan— It is for the guy who is okay with everything and will never complain.
  21. Yang Jing— It is for a guy who wears glasses.
  22. Shu Xi— It means Uncle. Some girls call their bf with this name.
  23. Zuo PeZei— It is for a guy who is left-handed.
  24. Ya caSu—Do you know a guy with big teeth? If yes, he deserves this nickname.
  25. Da Pang— For a big and fat guy!
  26. Xiao PingTou— It is for a guy with a buzzcut hair.
  27. Mian Mian—It is a funny nickname for the person who is innocent like a sheep and never argues with anyone.
  28. Ben Dan— It means clumsy egg.
  29. Xeao Ruozhi— It means silly head. It is also for the boy who is extremely foolish.
  30. Te KunSheng— There is always a guy in the class, who turns sleeping at the beginning of the lecture. He is the class sleeper!
  31. Du YanLong— Do you know a guy who tries watching you in a secret one eye manner? He seems to be the pirate eye guy.
  32. Sha mao— It means the silly hat.
  33. Ji Ke— It means a nerd. For a boredom guy!
  34. Lao Wang— Is the guy living in your neighbor acts like Mr. Wang? Go ahead with this nickname!
  35. Lao Da— It means big leader. It is for the guy who always wants to be the leader and never allows anyone else to get a chance.
  36. Ya liangChen— It is for the guy who always talks harshly and misbehaves with others.
  37. Lao HaoRen— If he is always rejected by the girls, then he deserves this nickname.
  38. Shenshei—It means handsome, but silly when begin talking.
  39. Baike Quanshu— It is a funny nickname for a guy who shows offs his knowledge on every topic. It means an encyclopedia.
  40. Qi GuanYan— It means subordinate in the relationship (never say “NO” to his girlfriend.)
  41. Hàixiū de jiāhuo— It is for a shy guy.
  42. Hingtou—It is a funny Chinese nickname to call a red-headed guy.
  43. Fan Tong—It simply means an idiot.
  44. Ya— It is for a guy who looks dumb.
  45. Tong—Does he talks a lot? Call him chatterbox!
  46. Nengliang Yinliao— For a guy who is always charged. It means energy drink.
  47. Zui— It means drunk! For a guy who always looks drunk.
  48. Bai JinNv— It means the gold digger.
  49. Shudaizi— It also means nerd.
  50. Luan—For a guy who spread a lot of clutter. It means messy.
  51. Huahua Gongzi— It means playboy and I don’t think need you need an explanation.
  52. Long— It means mysterious. It is suitable for a guy who looks like a hidden mystery.
  53. Hongniu— Another one for a red-headed guy as it means red bull! You can also choose it for a guy with a bad temper.
  54. Ting— It means slim. It is for a skinny guy.
  55. Yanyaun— It means actor.
  56. Cao Nima— It means motherfucker, which is a funny term in China.
  57. Baichi—It means moron.
  58. Ye—It means Buddha. It is for a guy who looks satisfied in every situation.
  59. Kong Tou— It means empty head. It will suit a silly guy.
  60. Luan Shoufie— Overcharged!
  61. Bartek— It means farmer’s son.
  62. Xujia— It means bogus. It will suit a guy who attempts false things to get something.

Cute Chinese Nicknames for Girls

  1. Le Le— It means happy happy. It is for a cute girl with a sweet smile.
  2. Meng Mei— It means cute sister! You can pick it for a little girl as well.
  3. Huifang— It means kind. It is for a girl who is always ready to help others.
  4. Jiayi—It is an adorable nickname for a girl who is auspicious.
  5. Xiao Tang Yuan— It means little dumpling
  6. Megui— Is she beautiful and stunning? Then why not to call her rose!
  7. Shui—It means like water. It is for a girl, who is strong.
  8. Dai Tou— It is for a cute girl and it means clumsy.
  9. Liling— Is she pure and innocent? Then this nickname is for her as it means white jasmine.
  10. Qui Qui— A cute nickname to call her fatty!
  11. QingMei ZhuMa— If she is a guys bestie, then she should be called like this!
  12. Youya—It is for a girl, who wears awesome clothes and acts with nobility. It means classy!
  13. Shuang— It means cute and lively.
  14. Mexiang— Does she give a feeling of cool morning breeze? If yes, then this one is the right choice for her as it means a beautiful fragrance.
  15. Xue Er— It means pure. It will suit a young and innocent girl
  16. Rou Rou— It means fatty!
  17. Kě’ài de xiàn bǐng— It means cutie pie. It will suit a sweet and charming girl.
  18. Xiannu— If she is beautiful and innocent like a fairy, then I must recommend you to choose this nickname for her.
  19. Dou Dou— It means bean bean. It is suitable for a girl with cute cheeks.
  20. Dai Mao— It means cute!
  21. Mao Tamei— For a girl having beautiful and long hairs!
  22. Nv QingNian—It means a young and cute teenager.
  23. Qian Jang—It means thousands of gold. It is suitable for a girl with a stunning face.
  24. Duo-Duo— It means more luck. It suits a girl with a good fortune.
  25. Qin Guo—It means the cutest in the world.
  26. Jiao Zhu— It means smart, intelligent, and the one who leads.
  27. Qing Chen— It has the same meaning as above.
  28. Mie Mie— If she cute and simple like a sheep, then pick it for her.
  29. Ya Tou— It means cute and naughty. It is most suitable for a young teenager.
  30. Tian Tian—Are you having a crush on her? If yes, then it is for you as it means cute crush.
  31. Xiao XianNv—It means little fairy. The Chinese parents love to call their babies with this nickname.
  32. Xiao Hua—It means the cutest of all.
  33. Yu Er— It means little fish. It will suit an innocent girl.
  34. Shuang MeWei— Another one for a girl beautiful hairs.
  35. Dian bonNv—It is for a girl, who is a nerd but looks cute.
  36. Da Xiaoji—If she belongs to a noble family, then she deserves this one!
  37. Me Niang— It means a charismatic woman. It will suit a growing female.
  38. Ma Hua— It means long hairs!
  39. Báixuě gōngzhǔ— It literally means Snow White. It is for a beautiful and innocent girl, who always thinks well about others.
  40. Hui Guniang—It means Cinderella!
  41. Goudong—If she is soft and cute, then this nickname is for her as it means jelly.
  42. Xiao Nangua— It means my little pumpkin.
  43. Pingguo pia— If she is sweet, then she is the right choice to be called “apple pie.”
  44. Shuang Suan— It means beautiful and simple.
  45. Niu you— For a young girl with a soft and silky skin! It means butter.
  46. Yue— It means moon.
  47. Migzhi de— If she is wise and beautiful, then it is for her only!

Chinese Nicknames for The Girlfriend

  1. Da bao— It means a big treasure. It will help her to know that she is important to you.
  2. Xiao Wawa— It means my little doll. A nicer way to show your love for her!
  3. Xiao dawn— It means my dawn. With this nickname, you can let her know that she is the hope of your life.
  4. Xiao Hua— It means my little flower.
  5. Xiao Chong er— It means my little darling. It is a sweet nickname to show love for your beloved.
  6. Tian-tian Quan— If she is cute and sweet, and then you can call her with this nickname. It means my donut.
  7. Xiao Shenghuo— It simply means my life.
  8. Xiao Tangguo— Another sweetest nickname for your girlfriend to let her know that she is your little candy (that you wanna taste all the time <3)
  9. Xiao BenDan— It means my little clumsy egg. Looks cutest!
  10. Re ai Shenghuo— It translates into love life in English. If you can’t live without her, it is the best nickname to tell her.
  11. Xiao Xinnu— It means my little fairy. For a young and innocent partner!
  12. San Dianqiu— It is a sexy nickname for your gf. It means lightening balls!
  13. In Mei Mei— It means my beautiful. A simple nickname to tell her about your lovely feelings.
  14. Xia DaiMeng— It means cute and clumsy.
  15. Xiao Koala— It means my little Koala.
  16. Xiao Huidue— Has she brought colors to your dull life? If it is so, she must be called with this nickname as it means my butterfly.
  17. Ai Fei—It means my beloved.
  18. Xiao Na— Feeling romantic? Call her Xiao Na and tell her that she is your hottie.
  19. Xiao Anchun— It means my little quail. Pick it, if she a sweet voice!
  20. Li-Li—It means beauty and is suitable for a stunning partner.
  21. Nv Wang— With this nickname, you can let her know that she is your queen and you really respect her!
  22. Xian Qin— If you admire and appreciate her skills, then you should tell her!
  23. Xiao Jing Yu—It means goldfish. It is for a gorgeous and simple girlfriend.
  24. Ling Dao— Respect the relationship and let her know that she is your supervisor!
  25. Xiang— It means sweet fragrant.
  26. Xiao QingQing— It means little kiss kiss. You can call her with this nickname while kissing her on the cheeks.
  27. Xia ZingGan— It means my little heart.
  28. Ziao KeAie— It means little cute thing. She will get into the meanings and will live you more for it.
  29. Zhu Zhu— It means piggy-piggy.
  30. Tian Tian— Shpow your love and care by calling her sweet-sweet.
  31. Xiao Ai— It is a simple nickname that means my love.
  32. Xiao Bai bei— If she is valuable for you and you really love her by heart, then it is the best one for her. It means my precious stone.
  33. Jun Zhu—It means royal and precious!
  34. Jing Er— Believe it or not, a character meant a lot for a long-term relationship. If she possesses a good character, then she is not only the right choice for the nickname, but also for you!
  35. Xiao Jing— Same as above!
  36. Tang— It literally means sugary.
  37. Xiao TianShi— It means my little angel.
  38. Niang Zi— Call her wifey and tell her that you are planning to marry her.
  39. Ai Ren— It means my beloved.
  40. My Nei Zei— It means the person who works at the home. It is also a nickname that will give her a trust about a marital relationship for the future.
  41. Tang-Tang— It means sugar sugar. For a sweet gf!
  42. Xiao-Feng—It literally means a little phoenix. If she is strong, then she deserves this nickname.
  43. Xiao Yi— With this nickname, you can let her know that she is the happiness of your life.
  44. Xiao Pigguo— It means my little apple. A sweet way to show your love and care!
  45. Xibggan de Nushi— Call her sexy lady and it will melt her heart.
  46. Rong Rong— It is a name of a beautiful Chinese flower and is also used as a nickname for the girlfriend.
  47. Tai Hou— It means my Queen!
  48. Lao Po— It means old wife and is used for the same purpose of the old husband.
  49. Xiao TianXin— It means my sweetheart.
  50. Boazhai— It means treasure!
  51. Baoshi— It means a gem. With this nickname, you can tell her that she is valuable to you.
  52. Xiao Guang—  It means my light. It will help you to let her know that she has given you a light of hope.
  53. Xiao Cǎoméi— It means my little strawberry. It will suit a gf, who has a kind heart and sweet nature.
  54. Lijuan— If she is delicate and soft, it is a good nickname to choose for her.
  55. Xiao Yingtao— It means my little cherry.
  56. Xiao ZhuZong— It means my little ancestor. In China, the ancestor is the term used for showing respect.
  57. Xi Fu— Same as above!
  58. Xiao MeRein— It means my little beauty.
  59. Yuan— If you believe in her and sure that she is same inside and outside; then call her with this nickname. It means original.
  60. Xing Juan— It means lucky and beautiful. With this nickname, let her know that she is very fortunate for you.
  61. Fu Ren— It means the person of the man.
  62. Mei Mei— It means sister. Just like the brother, it means that the person is welcoming her girlfriend into the family.
  63. Xiao GenBen—With this nickname, let her know that you admire her quality of listening to you. It means my little follower.
  64. Xiao YaoJing— It means my little ghost.
  65. Xiao Bao— It is a sweet nickname to tell her that she is worth for you. It means my little treasure.
  66. Xiao Mao— It means my cat. It will suit an innocent partner.
  67. Tai Hou— It means my queen of the heart.
  68. Qin— Simply to call her dear!
  69. Shuchun— If she has never been with anyone else, she is a pure beauty.
  70. Lanyang— If she is lively and colorful, you may call her with this nickname as it means blue glitter
  71. Jin Mianbao Xe— For a beautiful girlfriend. It means a gold crumb.
  72. Xiao Shijie— It means my little world.

Funny Chinese Nicknames for Girls

  1. Er Bao— Not the first, but the second treasure!
  2. Hua Chi— The one who is crazy for boys.
  3. Tuodo Shafa— It will suit a lazy girl as it means a potato couch.
  4. Feng— It means crazy!
  5. Yuan Qi— The one who crack stupid jokes to make others happy.
  6. Xi Jing— Lol. Too emotional and a real Drama Queen!
  7. He Muer— If she is a plan spoiler, then she deserves this nickname. It means black fungus.
  8. Xiaofan— If a girl has an attitude for nothing; you must tease her with this funny nickname and let her know that she is a little ordinary.
  9. He Dongshi— For a kungfu master!
  10. Shou Nuhai— It means skinny. It will suit a zero size girl.
  11. De Gu la— It means Dracula. It will fit a girl, who wears a lot of makeup all the time.
  12. Changying— lustrous!
  13. Zhifeng—It means fat.
  14. Zhu—It is for a red-headed girl.
  15. Hong Niang— If she is single, but loves matchmaking for others; then she is a Hong Niang.
  16. Dian Dian— For a tiny girl!
  17. Yanmei— For a girl, who is seductive!
  18. Luan Shoufei— For an over smart girl.
  19. Lu Chi— It is suitable for a girl, who is bad at understanding the directions.
  20. Ting-Ting— talkative and tiny!
  21. Yi Yi— For a jolly girl!
  22. Dai Naiz hao— It means the one who wears a bra only. Got it?
  23. Huian— For a quiet girl.
  24. Ba Bao—For a girl, who is close to her dad.
  25. Mao Nu— For a one, who is a cat lover.
  26. Min— Is she quick at everything? If yes, she is Min!
  27. Na Na—The one with good humor.
  28. Jia Lia dun— For a girl who is not social and likes to remain alone.
  29. Niu-Niu— For a little girl, who is naughty as well!
  30. Bai FuiMei— For a rich and beautiful girl!
  31. Ban LiNv— It is suitable for a girl, who always fights with the neighbors.
  32. Fan Jian— The one who always acts like a bitch.
  33. Jin Guo— Pretends like a legend, but fails to do so!
  34. Ji You— The girl who always keeps the secret of others is JI You.
  35. Huilaile— For a backbiter girl!
  36. Bo LiXin—For a sensitive girl, who is easy to get heartbreaking.
  37. Bingqilin— For the girl, who wears a lot of hair clips, hand bands, and heavy makeup! It means ice-cream
  38. Ben— For a stupid girl!
  39. Nv Hanzi—For a girl with a masculine body posture.
  40. Junqiao de— For a cheesy girl!
  41. Tiaoqing—flirt!
  42. Xue Gie—The one who is your senior at the school.
  43. Cangbai— For a pale face girl.
  44. Zhandouji— For a fighter girl!
  45. Tuduo— It means potato. It suits a fat girl.
  46. Fenci— It suits a girl with acne on the face.
  47. Baozi— It means hot bun. It suits a fat girl, who looks sexy.
  48. Ao Jiao—It means very cold to others. For those, who hates generosity!
  49. Mao Mei— It means powerful.
  50. Hóngsè de huǒyàn—A red flame. It is for a bad tempered girl.
  51. Bing MeiRen— It is for the one who looks cold outside, but has a beautiful heart.
  52. Mi Mei— For a mysterious lady!
  53. Ma LiSu—For the one, who is always annoying you!
  54. Xiao JieJie—For the one, whom you know has a crush on you. It means little sister.
  55. Chou— stinky!
  56. Mao Ying— It means clever cat!
  57. Tung Mei— It means winter plums.
  58. Xian— For the one, who is attractive, but harsh!It means Salty
  59. Wupo— Witch!
  60. Tieshi Xinchang—It is for the girl, who rejects all guys. It means stone-hearted.
  61. Baomu—nanny!

So, did you enjoy the article and find a nickname you were looking for? Share your feelings in the comments box!

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