200+ Nickname for the Lovers

Love is a beautiful relationship. It has lots of shades of smiles, laughs, giggles, secrets, tears, and a lot more. Nicknames are also a part of the cute relationship.

They help you in expressing your lovely emotions for each other. Not only that, but I feel like they also strengthen the bonds of love.

For this reason, I have shared more than 200 nicknames for the lovers and they are just mind-blowing. This time I have left upon you that how you catch up the meanings and pick them for your beloved. I have also provided nicknames in some different languages.

I hope you are going to love the piece of writing!

Nicknames for lovers

  1. Cutie pie
  2. Babe
  3. Prince Charming
  4. Bubbles
  5. My life
  6. My Man
  7. Man of ma life
  8. My heart
  9. My Heartbeats
  10. Honey
  11. Cuddles
  12. Baby
  13. Curly Wurly
  14. My girl
  15. My love
  16. Sweetie
  17. Beloved
  18. My beloved
  19. Sweetie Pie
  20. Cutie Patootie
  21. Sugar girl
  22. Cute Muffin
  23. Darling
  24. My Star
  25. Gorgeous
  26. Life partner
  27. Honey Bear
  28. Cherry cake
  29. Cuddle Bear
  30. Biscuit Pie
  31. Honey cake
  32. Snow white
  33. Lovely love
  34. My donut
  35. My Energy
  36. Fruit Loop
  37. Apple of my eye
  38. Rose
  39. Pinky
  40. Peaches
  41. My true love
  42. Romeo
  43. Apple Pie
  44. My Queen
  45. Princess
  46. Cute Munchkin
  47. Cinderella
  48. My Angel
  49. My hero
  50. Pooh Bear
  51. Bunny Bear
  52. Heart Stealer
  53. Smarty
  54. Charismatic
  55. Magic guy
  56. Butter cake
  57. My Prince
  58. Dream Boy
  59. Dream Girl
  60. Dear
  61. Pumpkin
  62. Sweet Pumpkin
  63. Shona
  64. Sweet Love
  65. My light
  66. Oldie gold
  67. Butter fly
  68. Honey Pot
  69. Sweet lips
  70. Pearl
  71. Colors of my life
  72. Sugar lips
  73. Better half
  74. My joy
  75. Dimples
  76. Brown Sugar
  77. Petals
  78. My cat
  79. Beauty
  80. Beautiful
  81. Pretty Woman
  82. Sweet Kitten
  83. Wild beauty
  84. All mine
  85. Angel face
  86. Other half
  87. Lovely Eyes
  88. Angel girl
  89. Cute Babe
  90. My Doll
  91. Sweet pickle
  92. Baby Doll
  93. Sparkles
  94. Soldier
  95. Butter scotch
  96. My twinkling star
  97. Baby cheeks
  98. Lovely babe
  99. Captain

Sweet and Romantic nicknames for lovers

  1. My asset
  2. Butter cup
  3. Warrior
  4. My Master
  5. My protector
  6. Forever beauty
  7. My biggest need
  8. Sunshine
  9. My thirst
  10. Big Guy
  11. Sleeping beauty
  12. Big Supporter
  13. Brave love
  14. Forever love
  15. Babylicious
  16. Bright Eyes
  17. Heart’s desire
  18. Juliet
  19. Chickadee
  20. Jam heart
  21. Cinnamon
  22. Acshula—irish heartbeat
  23. Soul mate
  24. Diamonds
  25. True love
  26. My gem
  27. Caring bear
  28. My partner
  29. My desire

Nicknames for Chocolate Lovers

  1. Kit Kat
  2. Biscuit Pie
  3. Crunchy
  4. Chocó Pops
  5. Chocolecious
  6. Thunder chocolate
  7. Oreo
  8. Dark chocolate
  9. Hot caramel
  10. Chocolate chopper
  11. Icy chocolate
  12. Chocolate chicken
  13. Chocó biscuit
  14. Milky beauty
  15. Hot chocolate
  16. Chocó flier
  17. Old chocolate
  18. Chocolaty hero
  19. Kid Chocolate
  20. Sexy choc
  21. Butter choc
  22. Crunchy peanuts
  23. Hearts
  24. Dark cookie
  25. Chocolate candy
  26. Chocó drops
  27. Chocó delight
  28. Caramel candy

Nicknames for lovers in Spanish

  1. Ojos de angel—It is sweet Spanish nickname, which means My Angel in English.
  2. Amada— If your beloved is a kind and a lovely girl, and then this nickname will suit her. It means loving.
  3. Chochito— It is a sweet endearment for the lovers.
  4. Amor— It is a perfect short nickname for the lovers as it translates to My Love in English.
  5. Gordi— Spanish girls love being called by this nickname. It means my fatty in English.
  6. Pichoncito— If you are feeling romantic and lovely, then it is one of the best Spanish nicknames. It means my little bird.
  7. Mi Media Naranja— It means my better half and it will suit your lovely wife.
  8. Amor Bello—It is a sweer combination of two words which translates in to beautiful love in English. If your lover is the one, then it is recommended.
  9. Besos – It is also a Spanish nickname for the lovers and it means kisses. Use it when feeling romantic!
  10. Bicho—It means my bug.
  11. Bizcocho— If your lover is as sweet as biscuit and sponge cake, and then it is the perfect one for her/him.
  12. Hermoso— It means handsome and also a good nickname to call male lovers.
  13. Enamorado— If he/she loves you truly, then it will be a suitable nickname as it means lover.
  14. Tigre— It is a popular Spanish nickname to use for the male lover. It simply means the tiger.
  15. Bombón — It mean sweet as chocolate and it is also a good nickname for the lovers. (sweetie)
  16. Bonito/ Bonita—If you think your lover is beautiful and you are always attracted towards her, then it is a good one as it means pretty and attractive.
  17. Caramelo—Another Spanish nickname which means sweet as a candy.
  18. Conejito — It means bunny girl in English.
  19. Corazón—It is cute Spanish nickname which translate to sweetheart.
  20. (Mi) Divertido Chica— if your girl has a good sense of humor, then you can pick this nickname for her as it means my funny girl.
  21. Empanada Dulce— It means sweet pie.
  22. Enamorado— It is a simple and sweet nickname meaning lover.
  23. Esposa— A perfect nickname to call your sweet wife.
  24. Estrella— It means star.
  25. Gata— If she is cute as a cat, then why not to call your lover like this?
  26. Hechicera — It means the one with a stunning personality.
  27. Cariño— It means honey or love. It is also a sweet Spanish nickname.
  28. Mi Chiquillo —- If your lover is as innocent as a kid, then you can select this nickname.
  29. Chiquito — for the cute lovers!
  30. Mi Chiquita – for the innocent little female lovers!
  31. Mi Cielo— With this one just let your lover know with him/her, you feel like flying at the sky.

French nicknames for lovers

  1. Bawcock— It is a French nickname which means a beautiful one.
  2. Mon home— If your lover is a strong man, then it is the best one.
  3. Ma Caille— It means Honey.
  4. Asticot— It means something like a fly.
  5. Chaton— It means cute kitten.
  6. Mon Apollon— If you think your lover looks like Apollo, and then it is suitable.
  7. Mon Poussinet— Pick it if you have your lover is adorable.
  8. Kiki— It looks a cutest French nickname.
  9. Mon Bique— It means my lamb.

Italian nicknames for lovers

  1. Frisco— It means something like frisky. If your lover is full of life, then you must pick it up.
  2. Mi Amore— In Italian, it means my love.
  3. My bambino—It is another Italian nickname that means baby. Looks Cute!
  4. Cara— In Italian, it means my dear.
  5. Ciccino— If your lover girl is really your darling, and then it will be a good one!
  6. Cuore Mio—- If she truly lives in your heart, then you can use this Italian nickname for her.
  7. Pasticcino— It is also a cutest Italian nickname which means cupcake.
  8. Mon Lopin—It means my rabbit in Italian. Go with it, if your lover is cute and has an innocent face.
  9. Sei unica—With this Italian nickname, you can let your loved know that he/she is one in million.

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