200+ Nicknames for Mom (I Call my Mom with a Cute Name too)

Mother is the world to every child. We interact more with our mother since our birth than any other person in our life. We generally call our mother with any ‘M’ word like mom, mummy, mother, maa, etc. But she plays an essential role in our life so she deserves a special name too.

A vital part is played by the mother in our lives. We are showered with adoration by our mom. She cherishes us entire heartedly and expects nothing consequently except for our adoration. Our prosperity is forever her worry. When you knew how to talk, what was your first word? It is Mom. We have experienced childhood in the arms of our moms. We have experienced childhood in the colossal love of our moms. Nobody adores us like our moms, nobody will forfeit everything for us like our moms. On the off chance that somebody asks you “Who is the best lady in your life?”, I wager you will state it is your mom. What’s more, in the event that somebody asks me like that, my answer likewise is my mom.

It is not weird because she gave you a name when you are born and now it is your turn of nomenclature. It is funny but your mother will love to hear a nickname given by her offspring. Choose nickname wisely which represents her behavior, nature and all the responsibilities she has taken to be with you.

200+ List of nicknames to call mom

We likewise respond the adoration given to us yet our affection is nothing when contrasted with the affection for our mom. Mother is the rebirth of Goddess on earth. There are many lists of types of nicknames you can use for you mother. It includes funny, cute, nicknames for step mother, and many more.

For many people, mum, mother or mommy is enough to call their mom, but to stand out, try these names.

Choose wisely, not every nickname is suitable for all mother.

Funny nicknames for moms:

Sometimes mother acts as a teacher, an inspiration, a friend and many more. She plays many roles in our life. Based on that role, these are the list of funny nicknames for your mother. Your mother will be surprised that her offspring is such a creative person to find an amazing name for her. She will get uniqueness in it.

Every nickname given here has a special meaning which must represent your mother characteristics or behavior. She may scold you sometime but trust me she loves you more than she scolds you. She always wants your best either that is in sport, study or your life. For such caring personality, I tried to figure out some names on which she may laugh or she feels like she is honored with this name. Choose according to her nature and make her feel like she is the most important women of your life.

  1. Mumbassa: weird but cute and funny name for your mother.
  2. Household CEO: Call her such, if she is the in charge of your house and manage is well. If everybody is bound to her from her
  3. Masters & Ph.D. in Patience: If she is calm enough to handle all irritation throughout the day.
  4. Family Law Enforcer: If she is the one who makes rules on household items, usage on other tiny things.
  5. Non-TV Activity Coordinator: A perfect name, if she coordinated with you.
  6. English Language Educator: Everyone learns his/her mother tongue with her mother. So, she is the educator.
  7. Playground Medic: She helps you in the playground and cures you every time when you are ill.
  8. President of Waste Management: Respectful name if she manages household waste effectively.
  9. Fast Food Chef: Whenever you feel hungry, your mother provides you delicious food.
  10. Tantrum & Meltdown Negotiator: If she handles all your quarrels with you siblings and friends.
  11. Search & Rescue: Whenever you create the mess with your neighbor or friends she handles dispute and rescue you. She deserves this name.
  12. Manners Expert: Call her, if she always warns you and makes you learn manners.
  13. Personal Shopper: If her shopping choice is amazing, she deserves this name.
  14. Fashion Stylist & Consultant: Call your mother, if she is stylist mom.
  15. Professor, Imagination Studies: A good name for her, if she tells you story every night to make you sleep.
  16. Sleep Scientist: She knows the tricks to make you fall asleep early.
  17. Teen Angst Psychoanalyst
  18. Captain: Captain for holding you house members in unity, from child to grandparents.
  19. Dental Hygienist: She cures you every tooth problems.
  20. Tooth Brushing Instructor: If she tells you regularly to brush well.
  21. Keeper of Top Secret Secrets (pinkie swear!): You can hide anything from your mom. She is a secret vault to outside world.
  22. Personal Chauffeur & Expert Driver: If you are crazy at her driving skills.
  23. Hairstylist (specializing in pigtails and wiggly clients): Call her if she is very traditional with your hairs
  24. Birthday Party Planner: She is the best birthday planner and does an arrangement for the birthday party. It’s an amazing way to give her credits for the same.
  25. Tring-Tring: If she wakes up early in your family and also forces you to wake up early. Then, she deserves this name.
  26. Executioner: If she dominates your dad in the execution of plans. Call her Executioner, she deserves it.

Unique nicknames for mommy

Everyone calls her mother as Mom, mummy, etc. which seems too tedious and you have started it saying so because it was easy when you are the child. But now you are young and your tongue works fine, so you can call these listed unique names which have a slight change in the repetitive names from society.

It’s an entertaining thing that overall the world in differed dialects, many names for moms start with or incorporate the ‘m’ sound.

‘M’ word is also related to taste. We say Mmmm whenever we eat something yummy. These lists also contain some yummy names for your mommy.

Everyone loves unique things, so as your mother. She will like it whenever you will call her with a unique name that nobody calls his/her mom.

  1. MeMom
  2. MomMom
  3. MumMum
  4. NotherMother
  5. MayMay
  6. Mimsey
  7. Memah or Meema
  8. Mooma
  9. MuNu
  10. Mummers
  11. Mumica
  12. Moo Moo
  13. Numero Uno
  14. Momette
  15. THE Mom
  16. MM – for my mom
  17. Uddermudder
  18. Ompa

These names may have meaning in English or may have meaning in other languages. Even it does not mean anything, it will be pronounced as cute and sweet word. That is what you mother love.

Cool contact names for moms

There are many cool ways you can address your mom, and make her happy, choosing a cool nickname for your mom also makes it easy for you to sustain the same for a longer time, it is also very friendly to call your mom with a name that always sounds a bit cool and sober.

When you phone rings and your saved nick names popup on your phone screen it amazes people around you. It will surely gain attention.

You can also save your mother names with these names which represent her cool attitude and it is a nice way to give respect to her. It may confuse you friends and other people that is really you mother who is calling. These names suit your mother.

Let us name some of the cool names that you can call your mother with.

  1. Sweetheart: It confuses people but your mother will love this name.
  2. Dotty: a cute and perfect name for mother.
  3. Sugar or sugie: a sweet name for your mother.
  4. Minny: a cute and short name for saving your mom contact number.
  5. Mamacita: combination of two names, your mum will like it.
  6. Honey: Don’t use if your dad calls her too!
  7. Lovey: can be used to represent your affection for your mother.
  8. Lulumom: an adorable and cute name for your lovely mother.
  9. M’dear: to show that your mom is adorable.
  10. Lolly: A name to tease your mother.
  11. Mamoo or Mumoo: In this name pronunciation matters.
  12. Darling: sweet way to tell her that she is lovely mother.
  13. Dear: lovely short name to call your mother.
  14. Dearest: another superlative degree of love.
  15. Sunny: if she energizes you, call her Sunny.
  16. Mumpy: short and cute name.

Before using these names, tell your mom that what these word means. If she knows, then it is good and she will feel a sense that you are giving credit for the extreme and pious love she has given till.

Cute names to call your mom

If you like your mother and she is much adorable and cute. These names show respect to your mother and also looks cute. Your mother will be very happy to know that she means a lot to you.

Use these names if you think that you have a cutest mother of this world and you love her most.

  1. Numero Uno: A perfect name for representing that your mother is number one.
  2. Birth Giver: cent percent true name for you mother.
  3. Let There Be Life: Chose this phrase to call, if your mother is your life.
  4. Chauffer: Call her, if she helps you in everything.
  5. The Folks: It shows a professional way to show that she means a lot.
  6. Finger and Thumb: Call her, if she is everything for you. Your every solution.
  7. MumMum: Just an extension of Mum.
  8. Meema: Gives a sharp sense of calling Mom. Do not use when your mother is angry or irritated.
  9. Wonder Woman: If she is heroine of your life like movie.
  10. Mai: One of the traditional names for mother in India. Use it, if she has an affection for India.

Good names for moms

She deserves a good nickname because you like many things about her which makes her good.

It should be in such a way that recalling the names make you feel nostalgic and remind you instantly of your mother. These nicknames too are available in global terms and can be used in any part of the world. Some hits can be:

  • Matka.: cute name used in Poland for mother.
  • Darling: Needs no explanation at all!
  • Mata: In India, this word is used for goddesses or for mother also.
  • Ammijaan : names generally used in Islamic countries.
  • Few more names that is short and easy to spell, can be:
  1. Mor:
  2. Mãe:
  3. Mutter:
  4. Ima:
  5. Maan:
  6. Okaasan or Haha:
  7. Màna:
  8. The Momster:.
  9. Dear:
  10. Mammy:
  11. Snug-a-Mom:
  12. Domestic Engineer: If she is the solution of your every household problem.
  13. Dearest:
  14. Aiti:
  15. Mumiya: Little girl may say which will sound cute.
  16. Mère or Maman:
  17. Soccer Mom:
  18. Majka: In Bosnian, this name means mother.
  19. Gundu

Slang nicknames for moms

With these nicknames you not only give a token of respect to her but also shows your direct and indirect love and emotions that you have been building for her since years. It is often said that it’s the mother who ensures that the entire family remains connected in the thread of love and care, it is the mother only who even in the hardship does not even cares of the situation she is going through but puts her children and the family on priority. We will never have the capacity to tend to our mom as much as she watched over us yet we can do our best to fulfill our mom. We ought to always remember the penances made by our mom for us and cherish her as much as we can. Mother is an essential piece of everyone’s life. It would not be possible to gratify her with any materialistic thing in this world for the strength she shows to sustain the bond of the family, but still, here we are trying to at least find a small token of gratitude, that is by thinking of a nickname about her.

Slang nicknames are rather less professional nicknames that could be used for mothers, these are usually derived from English but does not reflect pure English, these names can be funny, jolly or even made out of no context too, so below we present some of the slang names that you comfortably use for your mother.

These nicknames are very much dependent on your way of pronunciation.

There are many names, some quickie pronunciation as:

  1. Mumsy:
  2. Mamma
  3. Ma
  4. Mum
  5. Mommy
  6. Mam
  7. Mater
  8. Madame

Nicknames for blessed mothers:

Blessed mothers come in a very special category and hence have the unique nick names to be addressed. Mothers are made to feel special and thanked for taking care of their children and nurturing them. There are many nick names you can think of, but here I am quoting few of the popular once that you can always call your mother, if you strongly believe that you both are blessed to have each other in life. Here are few of those mentioned:

  1. Health of the sick
  2. Cause of Our Joy
  3. Comforter of the Afflicted
  4. Co-Redemptrix
  5. Destroyer of Heresy
  6. Gate of Heaven
  7. Joy of the Just
  8. Ark of the Covenant

As you grow young you mother grows old and all you have to do is care her because she is only left with experience. We can’t keep privileged insights from our mom as moms know everything. Mother’s instinct advises her if her kid is stuck in an unfortunate situation. We are protected from the pitiless world by our mom.

We have listed many names of your mother that you call her when she is old. It signifies that you respect your mom and you owe her for what she has given to you. You praise her ability and all nourishment she has provided.

Choose a name carefully that she easily forgets her age.

Therefore, she deserves a name from this list:

  1. Baby Momma:
  2. Big Momma
  3. Hockey Mom
  4. Soccer Mom
  5. Mitty
  6. Tiger Mom
  7. T-Jones
  8. T-Lady
  9. MILF (Do not use for your own mother.)
  10. Yummy Mummy
  11. Yo Mama
  12. Trailer Mom
  13. Sheila – Generally used for an Australian mother
  14. The Folks – Used for both of your parents
  15. Mother Hen
  16. BM – baby momma
  17. Brummy Mummy –
  18. The Olds:

Nicknames for stepmoms

Nicknames for stepmoms

In this case, generally child decide what to call her mother depending on her mother behavior. Sometimes father also helps in maintaining a healthy relationship between the child and her new mom, the nicknames however ultimately depends upon how the child and the mother look upon each other and how this relationship has been sustaining so far, if the relationship is going well, a child picks up a positive and appealing nickname, but if the relation is not going well, the nicknames might be a negative one.

In western culture, people call their stepmom by her first or last name associated with some funny word too.

  1. The Chef.
  2. The dishwasher
  3. Yo Mama
  4. Fo Ma or Faux Ma.
  5. Top Mom.
  6. Ann Mummers

Choose above names according to your relation to you mother. if not chosen appropriately it may harm your relation. Although you can manage to have a funny and light relation with your stepmom in order to use these names.

Other names for mothers

There may be several ways to call your mother, either in English or any languages of world. Make sure before using these names that your mother understands meaning of these names whatever you are using.

How to call mother differently in the English Language

Apart from English many languages have M as the starting letter for Mother, which signifies the global acceptance of the letter M for the mother.

You can transform another letter of mum, mother or Mommy leaving starting m as fixed.

For examples, you can call her Mai, Mummo, Mumi, Mumee Moo, etc. which sounds unique and a creativity flows in these names.

Whatever edit you do in the traditional calling name of mother, it sounds cute and unique.

Names for mother in other languages

There are various names for mother in the world and it all depends on the pronunciation of that word. Even Mom is pronounced differently in different countries.

We present the most popular names for Mother, that is worldwide used for Mother as a synonym you can say. The list is very exhaustive and you can choose one as per your country or region you belong to. You may choose any word but make sure she knows what does that word mean.

In few countries, like Arab, the mother name is directly taken as the name of eldest son attached with mom or ‘ahm’ which means mother itself in Islam.

Here are all foreign languages from around the world and their word for mom:

130. AfrikaansMoeder, Ma
131. ArabicAhm
132. AragonesMai
133. AsturianMa
134. AymaraTaica
135. Azeri (Latin Script)Ana
136. BasqueAma
137. BelarusanMatka
138. BergamascoMàder
139. BologneseMèder
140. BosnianMajka
141. Brazilian PortugueseMãe
142. BrescianoMadèr
143. BretonMamm
144. BulgarianMajka
145. ByelorussianMacii
146. CalabreseMatre, Mamma
147. CalóBata, Dai
148. CatalanMare
149. CebuanoInahan, Nanay
150. ChechenNana
151. CroatianMati, Majka
152. CzechAbatyse
153. DanishMor
154. DutchMoeder, Moer
155. DzoratâiMére
156. EnglishMother, Mama, Mom
157. EsperantoPatrino, Panjo
158. EstonianEma
159. FaeroeseMóðir
160. FinnishÄiti
161. FlemishMoeder
162. FrenchMère, Maman
163. FrisianEmo, Emä, Kantaäiti, Äiti
164. FurlanMari
165. GalicianNai
166. GermanMutter
167. GreekMàna
168. GrikoSalentino, Mána
169. HawaiianMakuahine
170. Hindi –Ma, Maji
171. HungarianAnya, Fu
172. IcelandicMóðir
173. IlongoIloy, Nanay, Nay
174. IndonesianInduk, Ibu, Biang, Nyokap
175. IrishMáthair
176. ItalianMadre, Mamma
177. JapaneseOkaasan, Haha
178. Judeo SpanishMadre
179. KannadaAmma
180. Kurdish KurmanjiDaya
181. LadinoUma
182. LatinMater
183. LeoneseMai
184. LigurianMaire
185. LimburgianModer, Mojer, Mam
186. LingalaMama
187. LithuanianMotina
188. Lombardo OccidentaleMadar
189. LunfardoVieja
190. MacedonianMajka
191. MalagasyReny
192. MalayEmak
193. MalteseOmm
194. MantuanMadar
195. MaoriEwe, Haakui
196. MapunzugunÑuke, Ñuque
197. MarathiAayi
198. Mongolian`eh
199. MudnésMedra, mama
200. NeapolitanMamma
201. NorwegianMadre
202. OccitanMaire
203. Old GreekMytyr
204. ParmigianoMädra
205. PersianMadr, Maman
206. PiemonteseMare
207. PolishMatka, Mama
208. PortugueseMãe
209. PunjabiMai, Mataji, Pabo
210. QuechuaMama
211. RapanuiMatu’a Vahine
212. ReggianoMèdra
213. RomagnoloMèder
214. RomanianMama, Maica
215. RomanshMamma
216. RussianMat’
217. SaamiEadni
218.  SamoanTina
219. Sardinian (Limba Sarda Unificada)Mama
220. Sardinian Campidanesumamai
221. Sardinian LogudoresuMadre, Mamma
222. SerbianMajka
223. ShonaAmai
224. SicilianMatri
225. SlovakMama, Matka
226. SlovenianMáti
227. SpanishMadre, Mamá, Mami
228. SwahiliMama, Mzazi, Mzaa
229. TeleguAmma
230. TriestinoMare
231. TurkishAnne, Ana, Valide
232. TurkmenEje
234. UkrainianMati
235. UrduAmmee
236. ValencianMare
237. VenetianMare
238. ViestanoMamm’
239. VietnameseMe
240. WallonMére
241. WelshMam
242. YiddishMuter
243. ZeneizeMoæ

It would be really great if you choose a nickname that most closely resonates with your home country and culture, for it gives more unique touch of feelings while you speak it.

Every name comes with its own value and has a magical effect when pronounced, it is hence very important that you choose a name that exactly resonates with the way you have perceived your mother so far, because giving her a nick name not only makes her know about how you feel about her at the moment, but also ensures her of the long-lasting love and relationship that is there between you and her.

A mother is the most valuable individual in the life on everybody about which we can’t depict totally in the words. However, a portion of the important minutes with our mom can be depicted. A mother is the most delightful and minding individual in our lives. She generally administers to each need without her any individual aim. In the morning, she calls us delicately to get ascend from the quaint little inn night she discloses to us flawless stories to influence us to lay down with wonderful dream. She causes us to prepare for school with legitimate breakfast and sterile lunch. She does more than these simple words.

Choose name wisely to make her happy and share with as many friends as you can!

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