300+ Romantic nicknames for your Loved Ones

Calling your loved ones with unique nicknames is a trend of all-time. Some people like funny nicknames, some pick up cute ones, while some like romantic nicknames. In other words, nicknames play their part in sharing the feelings with each other, as well as strengthen the feeling of love and harmony in the relationship.

This time we have come up with 300 plus romantic nicknames for your loved ones. They are extremely catchy and your beloved will love all of them. For your easiness, we have divided them into two different categories, which are

  • Romantic Nicknames for your Girlfriend
  • Romantic nicknames for your Boyfriend

Do, if you wanted to add some memorable things to your relations, then this article is just for you!

Romantic Nicknames for Girl Friend

  1. Angel— For an innocent girlfriend
  2. Angel heart— For a girlfriend who has the kindest heart!
  3. Baby— Your cute little girl!
  4. Babe— Same as Baby!
  5. Babes— Same as above!
  6. Cutie pie— For a girlfriend who is too cute.
  7. Angel Mama— For a girl is innocent and you want her to be the mama of your future kids.
  8. Sugar— For a sweet-natured girlfriend!
  9. Sugar Mama— For a sweet girl whom you want to be your wifey!
  10. Love— A simple and romantic nickname for your gf.
  11. Babyface— For a young girlfriend of yours who has an innocent and cute face.
  12. Sweetheart— Your sweet lover!
  13. Dear— A short and common nickname to call your girlfriend!
  14. Shona— A cute and romantic name to tell her that she has taken your heart away!
  15. Mona— Does she smile like Mona Lisa? If yes, you may call her Mona!
  16. Diamond— For a girlfriend with a nice personality!
  17. Pumpkin— For the one who is little chubby, but cute!
  18. Opal— If you think she is a gem, this nickname will suit her!
  19. Star— The one who shines your life!
  20. Moon— All of us know that there is only one moon. If you think and believe she is a loyal girl and loves you only, then she deserves this nickname.
  21. Lovely— For a beautiful girlfriend!
  22. Beautiful— For the one who always looks gorgeous!
  23. Apple— Apple of your eye!
  24. Gem— If you believe no girl can be like her, then she is your gem!
  25. Adorable— A simply romantic nickname for a cute girlfriend!
  26. Angel girl— For an innocent and kind-hearted girl, who has brought positivity to your life!
  27. Pearl— For a young, beautiful girl, who has a strong character too!
  28. Dearest one— The one you love a lot!
  29. Lilly— For a white and delicate girl!
  30. Jasmine— For a girlfriend, who is your precious flower!
  31. Rose— Same as above!
  32. Emerald— A nice romantic nickname for a girlfriend that is too pretty and sweet!
  33. Chocolate chip— A romantic and sexy nickname for your gf!
  34. Goldie— For a girlfriend with beautiful golden hairs!
  35. Goldfish— For a beautiful but short heightened girlfriend!
  36. Gold crumb— Another romantic nickname for a pretty girlfriend. Finnish people love to call their beloved with this one!
  37. Amazing— For the one who always amazes you with her talents and skills!
  38. Dora— For your teenager girlfriend!
  39. Chocolate drop— If you are feeling romantic, then why not to hold her hand and call her “chocolate drop”.
  40. Cute face— For a girlfriend who has a cute smile!
  41. Sapphire— Same as Emerald!
  42. Baboo— A romantic nickname to call her when she is angry at you!
  43. Opaline— Same as Opal—the gem.
  44. Crystal— For a girlfriend, who is innocent and virgin at the same time!
  45. My life— It is a romantic nickname for a girlfriend, without whom you just can’t live.
  46. Rapunzel— For the one with long and beautiful hairs!
  47. My beauty— Another romantic nickname to tell her that she is yours!
  48. Baby boo— Feeling romantic? That one is a nice choice too!
  49. Dewdrop— For a girlfriend with a pure heart!
  50. Bambi— A naughty and romantic nickname for a jolly girlfriend!
  51. Frootie— Do you need me to explain it?
  52. My Cinderella— For your teenage girlfriend!
  53. Snow white— Another romantic nickname to tell her that she is prettiest than anyone!
  54. Doll— For a cute little gf!
  55. Baby Doll— Same as above!
  56. Cake— If she is soft and always smells good, then it will suit her!
  57. Babycakes— For a soft and short-sighted one!
  58. Deepwater— It is a very romantic nickname that means you are ready for some naughtiness!
  59. Baby doodle— If you want to show care and love, then this nickname is the right choice!
  60. My girl— Mine, mine, and only mine! Is that clear to all of you?
  61. Baby girl— For an innocent GF!
  62. Dove— For a girlfriend who always avoids argues and fights!
  63. My sparrow— She talks and you love seeing her talking. If that is the case, this romantic nickname is for your girlfriend!
  64. Cute Love— No explanation needed!
  65. Baby Love— For a young girl, whom you love madly!
  66. Darling— A common but romantic nickname!
  67. Dearo— A cute version of dear!
  68. Dearest— Same as above!
  69. Baby cheeks— For the one who has cheeks like babies and you wanna kiss both!
  70. Cute cheeks— Same meaning as above!
  71. Shining star— If she is the one with a stunning personality, then she deserves this one!
  72. Butterfly— A sweet girl, who is your beloved!
  73. Cute kitty— Just to tell her that you are feeling romantic!
  74. Kitten— With eyes like a cat!
  75. Crystal eyes— It will suit a girlfriend, whose eyes are pure and innocent!
  76. Tootsie— Another romantic nickname for your beloved!
  77. Tootie Frootie— For a tasty GF! IF you know, what I mean!
  78. Jaggery— Sweetest than anything else!
  79. Beebee— This romantic nickname has no meanings, but looks nice!
  80. Bad Kitten— For a naughty girlfriend!
  81. Cheese balls— Oooh la la! Your girlfriend’s heart will melt with this nickname!
  82. Apple pie— Lovely, tasty, and colorful!
  83. Mint— For a girlfriend with a cool personality, but gives you hotness when kissed!
  84. Gorgeous— A common but romantic nickname for your girlfriend!
  85. Bubbles— For a girlfriend who has brought light to your life!
  86. Bubblie— Same as above. It is also a romantic nickname for Indians and Pakistanis!
  87. My world— The one girl that is very important to you!
  88. Colors— A cute and romantic way to show that she is the colors of your life!
  89. My success— With this romantic nickname, you can tell her that she is the reason behind your success!
  90. Morning Breeze— Refreshing!
  91. Brighton— A super romantic nickname for your girlfriend!
  92. Pumpkin Pie— If you like pumpkins, then you might choose this romantic nickname for your gf. I have another idea too. If you both will meet on Thanksgiving/ Halloween; then it is the right day to call her with this nickname!
  93. Bright eyes— You see in her eyes and forget everything. If that happens; then pick this romantic nickname!
  94. Fairy— For your beautiful girlfriend!
  95. Butter— As silky as the butter is!
  96. Buttercup— Soft and silky!
  97. Bun— For the one who is a bit overweight but looks cute!
  98. Bun Bun— Same as above!
  99. Cute Buns— A romantic nickname to tell her you to want some romance!
  100. Golden Goose— For a beautiful girl with a long neck!
  101. Gem heart— The one who really means a lot to your heart!
  102. Buttermilk— For a sweet and soft girlfriend!
  103. Cherry— For the one whose cheeks are red as cherries!
  104. Cherry Blossom— Same as above!
  105. My spring— Colors of your life!
  106. Drizzles— For the one who is sweet and naughty at the same time!
  107. Honey— Another common but romantic nickname to call your girlfriend!
  108. Blossom— It will be perfect if your girlfriend is a teenager!
  109. Candy— Sweet and loveable!
  110. Honeybunch— Either you hug her or kiss, she tastes sweet!
  111. Eye Candy— Your beloved.
  112. Diva— A romantic nickname!
  113. Sweet Candy— For the girlfriend who is sweet and likes to wear bangles!
  114. Sweetie— Modification of sweet!
  115. Butterscotch— The one who talks a lot, but she is your darling!
  116. My drug— You are just addicted to her!
  117. Goosebumps— Sexy gf!
  118. Fluffy— For a girlfriend who is soft and delicate!
  119. Lotus— Your beautiful flower!
  120. Kind heart— A simply romantic nickname to let her know that you love her kind and helpful nature!
  121. Babylicious— Your babe is delicious!
  122. Gumdrop— Sweet and charming!
  123. Creamy eyes— You saw her and fall in love at first sight. If that was the case, you may pick this romantic for your beloved girl!
  124. Choco Bun— For your brown girlfriend!
  125. Honey Plum— If you are feeling so romantic, you just call her with this nickname and she will understand what you are talking about!
  126. Cherry balls— Should I explain?
  127. Strawberry— tasty and full of plum!
  128. Cheesecakes—Another tasty and romantic nickname for your beautiful girlfriend.
  129. My gal— Be romantic and possessive at the same time and call her with this nickname!
  130. My Mouse— A romantic nickname mostly common in Germans!
  131. Sweet lady— Be romantic but give her respect with this nickname!
  132. Cuddling rose— If she loves cuddling too, then you may call her with this unique romantic nickname!
  133. Dimples— She smiles and you forget the world while seeing her dimples, and then simply call her with this nickname!
  134. Daisy— Sweet and innocent!
  135. Dimpling— Short but cute!
  136. Heartbeat— Let her know that your heart beats calling her name!
  137. Cute pants— Mmmm… it tells its meanings by itself!
  138. Cute duckling— For your young and beautiful girlfriend!
  139. Sugar lips— Sssss…. So romantic, isn’t it?
  140. Honey lips— more romantic!
  141. My duckling— Let her know that she is yours only!
  142. Dumpling— Short and plump!
  143. My dream— Your dream girl!
  144. Honeybunch— Full of sweetness!
  145. Hon’— Shorter for honey!
  146. Berry- For the girlfriend who is so fluffy that you always want her in your hands!
  147. Honeypie— Sweet, sweet, and sweet!
  148. Dreamgirl— Same as my dream!
  149. Flower— For a gf, who smells good!
  150. Sweet Nectar— No explanation required!
  151. Fruitcake— A romantic nickname to tell her that you wanna eat her!
  152. Sweet Pulp— For a juicy girlfriend! Got it?
  153. Lovely Muffin— Sweet cake and only for you!
  154. Sweet grapes— Juicy and full of love addiction!
  155. Giggles— The reason of your laughs and smiles!
  156. Choco dessert— Tasty, crunchy, and sweet at the same time!
  157. Honeybee— Feeling romantic and your sweet girlfriend is busy at work? Call her with this nickname and she will come to you!
  158. Bee— Same as above!
  159. Cutie pie— cute!
  160. Cute Hon’— Same as above!
  161. Kit Kat— So tasty and crunchy!
  162. Honey Love— For your sweet beloved!
  163. Hot sauce— Is she hot and kind at the same time? Then pick this nickname for her!
  164. Chili sauce— Same as above!
  165. Cute stuff— Cuteness at its rise!
  166. Hot stuff— hottest!
  167. Hottie— Same as above!
  168. My hotness— She makes you hot whenever you even think about her!
  169. Hot kitten— Beautifully hot!
  170. Jelly— For a soft and delicate girlfriend!
  171. Kiddie— Just to make her love!
  172. Tulip— Sweet smelling and beautiful!
  173. Treasure— Worthy and valuable!
  174. Lil’ treasure— Same as above!
  175. Peaches— For a fruity girl!
  176. Sprinkles— Crinkles!
  177. Sparkles— For the gf, who has sweet bright smile and loves smiling all the time!
  178. Angel boobs— Innocent and attractive!
  179. Angel buns— Same as above!
  180. My angel— If you believe in her innocence and loyalty, she is your angel!
  181. Fruit Loop— Fruity!
  182. Cute muffin— Your cute girl!
  183. Princess— beautiful and royal!
  184. Sweet Butt— Another very romantic!
  185. Snickers— Tasty like caramel!
  186. Peachy pie— Sweetttttt!
  187. Cherry pie— Same as above!
  188. Lady Bug— For your short and decent gf!
  189. My Queen— If you are ready to propose her, let her first call my queen and she will understand!

Romantic Nicknames for Boy Friend

  1. Bear— An adorably romantic nickname for your boyfriend!
  2. Anchor— Another romantic nickname for your tough boyfriend!
  3. Snoopy— For the one who is always in a mood of romance!
  4. Captain—A cute and romantic nickname for a trustworthy bf!
  5. Honey muffin— Your sweet bf!
  6. Kiddo— The male version of kiddie!
  7. Cute pastry— With this romantic nickname let him know that you love licking!
  8. Chips— Small and cute!
  9. Jello— Something like jelly!
  10. Gentleman— It will suit a decent bf, who always speaks in a polite manner!
  11. Amore— The one you are madly in love with!
  12. Cool breeze— With a cool personality!
  13. Only— Your only and only beloved!
  14. Ironman— For a guy who has a strong body but a kind heart!
  15. My poult— Something like baby turkeys!
  16. Hot magnet— A super romantic nickname for your boyfriend who always attracts you towards him!
  17. Biggie boo— Big bf!
  18. Lovebug— For an innocent bf!
  19. Lava rock— No explanation required!
  20. Rockstar— A handsome guy who looks like a rockstar and you really love him!
  21. Honey butt— It is also a romantic nickname to let him knowthat you are in a naughty mood.
  22. Biggie— For a bf who looks big like a mountain!
  23. Baby bear— For a cute and sweet boyfriend!
  24. Horny— If you are really romantic, you don’t need its explanation!
  25. Donut— Cute and tasty!
  26. Heart hacker— The one who has taken your heart!
  27. Luck champ— For the only bf; you believe in!
  28. Cute magician— If he is cute and you fall in love with him like a magic, this one will suit him perfectly!
  29. Cute champ— Cutest among all!
  30. Bae— Ahem Ahem!
  31. Cute toy— The cutest thing you love to play with!
  32. First love— If he is your first love, never hesitate in telling him!
  33. Chocolate— I wanna lick you, I wanna taste you!
  34. Near & dear— The one you feel is closer to the heart!
  35. Big bear— Big and cute!
  36. Moonbeam— The hope of yours in troubles!
  37. Sunshine— Same as above!
  38. Cracker— Hot and adorable!
  39. Jingle— Loveable!
  40. Tarzan— A romantic nickname for a bf who is cute and a muscleman too!
  41. Sweet dream— Sweetest among all!
  42. Lovey— Your true love!
  43. My lion— Brave and daring!
  44. My superman— Same as above!
  45. Magic Prince— A magician who has conquered your heart and lives inside as a prince!
  46. Firecracker— Always ready for romance!
  47. Chickadee— Cute and naughty!
  48. Perfecto—For your Mr. Perfect!
  49. Xoxo— Cute and innocent bf!
  50. Cute head— Cute as a baby!
  51. My Jesus— One of the most romantic names I’ve ever thought!
  52. Supporter— The one who is really loyal and never leaves you in a difficult time!
  53. Honey bear— Sweet and cute!
  54. Cowboy— Naught, romantic, and charming!
  55. Grey eyes— If he has grey eyes, he would love this one!
  56. Hotshot— Hot and brave!
  57. Soulmate— Are you ready to begin a married life with him? If yes, the go up with this romantic nickname!
  58. Mr. Right— Right for you from everywhere and anywhere!
  59. Cute devil— Always ready for a naughty romance!
  60. Cute demon— Same as above!
  61. Perfect match— Right choice of yours!
  62. Gentle bear— The one who really treats you gently!
  63. Prince— The one you were waiting for!
  64. Fire— Hot!
  65. Firefly— Short but hot bf!
  66. My king— If you think he deserves this one, then don’t hesitate!
  67. Bigshow— The bodybuilder and very attractive!
  68. My heaven— You, in his arms go to another world of love. If that’s your case, then I will recommend this nickname!
  69. Pringles— Tastier than any other thing!
  70. Soldier— Hard but behaves gently!
  71. Prince charming— Your man of dreams!
  72. Handsome captain— Good looking and attractive bf!
  73. My Romeo— If you really care about his love and loyalty, thenhe is your Romeo!
  74. Sweet boy— Sweet one!
  75. Doodlebug— Cute and adorable!
  76. My knight— The one who protects you everywhere!
  77. Doodles— Cutest!
  78. Chipmunk— Every time he obeys your saying, you just wanna hug him tightly. If that’s right, pick up this one!
  79. Cookie— The cute brown thing!
  80. Bunny bear— The one with a heart-melting smile!
  81. Man— The wonder guy of your dreams.
  82. Blue eyes— Has blue eyes!
  83. Carebear— Very caring and loving!
  84. Bunny— Same as above!
  85. Buntie— Cute but decent!
  86. Cupid angel— Your heart taker!
  87. Angel Bunny— Innocent, loyal, and loving!
  88. Handsome— As the name depicts, good-looking and charming!
  89. Sun— Only yours!
  90. Apollo— Handsome, stunning, attractive, and much more!
  91. My guy—Mine, okay? Only mine!
  92. My breath— For a true love!
  93. Gummy bear— Sweet!
  94. Dearheart— very loveable and lives in your heart!
  95. Cuddly bear— Loves soft cuddles!
  96. My baby— My sweetheart!
  97. Brownie— For a brown bf!
  98. Little Cupid— For a short-heighted but charming bf!
  99. Brown eyes— has brown eyes!
  100. Cuddle bunny— Cuddle lover!
  101. Lifeline— Your life!
  102. Boogie— Daring!
  103. Boogie Bear— sweet but daring!
  104. Light of my life— The one with whom you want to live for the whole life!
  105. Sweetoo— Simply sweet!
  106. Dewdrop— For a guy who is innocent and expects the samefrom you!
  107. Cute monkey— Naughty and cute at the same time!
  108. Baba— Something like my baby!
  109. Cute pumpkin— The romantic nickname for Halloween night!
  110. Everything— You just can’t live without him!
  111. Hero— Brave!
  112. My guy— You trust him completely!
  113. Chocolate bunny— Has a chocolaty personality!
  114. Munchkin— Adorable bf!
  115. My fantasy— The one you have always dreamt about!
  116. Heartthrob— So romantic!
  117. Haven— For a bf who has lovely current in his arms and heart!
  118. Hot Papa— Extremely attractive!
  119. Baby daddy— Cute but big!
  120. Conqueror— Winner of your heart!
  121. Key to my heart— Same as above!

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