200+ Dirty Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Where can all dirty nicknames be used? Most importantly for our partners and even sometimes for our friends. Dirty nicknames are a projection of our thoughts for the other person. If we find them sexy or want to appreciate their outgoing nature, dirty nicknames are a crude way to represent them. Often, dirty nicknames may not have any promiscuous meaning behind them. They can be just used for someone who is courageous and a risk taker in their daily lives.

People use dirty nicknames for their bio on social media sites as well. It is considered outrageous by some and fun by others. It is all about the self-image we carry. If you think that you are sexy and strong in some of the other way or your personality has several interesting components in it, choose a perfect dirty nickname for yourself in the list we have provided below.

Some funny and dirty nicknames can also be used for informal events to add a touch of humor to your speech. These may include giving a speech as the best man or the maid of honor, baby showers, get together parties, anniversaries, friendly gatherings at clubs, etc. If used correctly, these show your public speaking skills. Slip a few nicknames here and there and watch the audience burst out in laughter.

Here is a fun game for you. Choose some nicknames mentioned below and write them down on chits. Let the party people pick up random chits. Ask them to their respective nicknames to random people in part and watch the fun that follows.

Here are some of how you can form some fun, dirty and sexy nicknames of your own:

  • The Situation- Keep in mind the event- is it some gathering, friends’ day out or a date. The intensity of the word you choose varies tremendously. Gatherings tend to demand modesty, so do not go overboard with your choice. A friendly gathering of close friends offers a little more liberty. Choose the word wisely, not very modest but also not very offensive. A romantic date with your partner can allow a greater room for experimentation with these words. See how comfortable you are with each other and prospects, then choose something naughty and funny at the same time.
  • The Person- Firstly, whether it’s a guy or a girl. Then secondly, which part of his or her personality or which quality do you want to highlight with that name. Keep in mind that the basic requirement of a nickname is that is it flattering. Do not use something that is belittling and embarrassing for the other person. Choose a nickname they would be proud to hear and the one which would inflate their ego a little bit. This makes dirty nicknames easily acceptable to the concerned person.
  • The Purpose- Why are you referring to the person with this nickname? Is it just to tease them or to flatter them for some gains? Teasing can be funny and easy but in case of flattering, use inoffensive words to brush the ego. Dirty and funny nicknames are used to lighten the environment. Therefore, avoid using them for gossips or to make someone feel bad about themselves. The nicknames used wisely can very powerfully improve your image in other’s eyes. However, there is a fine line between either Make sure you pick the best and the most appropriate ones.
  • Make it fresh- Be it a guy or a girl, when it comes to dirty nicknames, we all love something new. Although the traditional ones are appreciated as well, some new ones get you better attention and applause and umm..probably some good rewards later. Get creative. Let your imagination run wild. You can even mix and match various languages. A good example is to use French and Italian languages because they are considered the most romantic languages in the world. The words from these languages of picked carefully can make your man’s chest swell or your girl’s cheeks blush instantly.
  • Your views- The ultimate purpose of a nickname is that you are projecting your views towards someone. Is it their personality or a physical characteristic that you want to bring to the attention?

Dirty Nicknames for Guys

Dirty Nicknames for Guys

Guys use dirty nicknames all the time when referring to each other. It is regarded as friendly and makes them comfortable. When it comes to being used by opposite sex, that is when things get a little tricky. We have a collection of dirty nicknames for guys which can be used to refer to your partners, crushes, friends, to save someone’s number on your phones, for fun conversations and comments on social media or even to vouch for your friend and make him look good for someone else. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few things to keep in mind. Dirty nicknames for guys are relatively easy to make up as guys are mostly easy going. Using this, flaunt their manliness and masculinity. This is the most important part of dirty nicknames for guys. Here are a few options to explore from

  1. Beast
  2. Big beast
  3. Sexy Beast
  4. Daddy
  5. Naughty beast
  6. Naughty boy
  7. Naughty monster
  8. Bad Bad Beast
  9. Dirty Beast
  10. Dirty Monster
  11. The Big trouble
  12. Stud
  13. Sexy Hulk
  14. Candy cane
  15. Hot Volcano
  16. Hottie
  17. Novio
  18. Baddy
  19. Sexy Lover
  20. Handsome Beast
  21. Sexy stuff
  22. Hot ass
  23. Lady killer
  24. Naughty Romeo
  25. God of Hotness
  26. Captain America
  27. Sexy ass boy
  28. Naughty boy
  29. Lady digger
  30. Hot star
  31. Sexy cowboy
  32. Naughty cowboy
  33. Hero
  34. King Kong
  35. God of naughtiness
  36. Hercules on earth
  37. Tarzan of the jungle
  38. Loverboy
  39. Mister Hotness
  40. Lion
  41. Lion King
  42. Tiger
  43. Superman
  44. Ace
  45. King alpha
  46. Mr. Spicy
  47. Heart slayer
  48. Lady slayer
  49. Moodifier
  50. Cotton balls
  51. King Hawk
  52. Muscle man
  53. T Rex
  54. Panther
  55. Smoking hot
  56. Red hot
  57. Sexy Papi
  58. Dragon
  59. Heart throb
  60. Agapi-Mou
  61. Sexy Animal
  62. Lady captain
  63. Dangler
  64. Django
  65. Macho man
  66. Fire
  67. Chainsaw
  68. Big Boy
  69. Take away
  70. Wild bear
  71. Teddy Bear
  72. Love bullet
  73. Night Viper
  74. Midnight moon
  75. Avenger boy
  76. Bon Bon
  77. Big Mac
  78. Hurricane
  79. Night trader
  80. Heart breaker
  81. Blood boiler
  82. Rocket man
  83. Playboy

Dirty Nicknames for Girls

Dirty Nicknames for Girls

When it comes to choosing a dirty nickname for girls, you have to put in some effort. A little here and you can lose her and little there; you can be ineffective. Just like the drill in finding a dirty nickname for a guy was to make him look strong and masculine, the drill for a girl’s dirty nickname is to make her look beautiful, impactful and desirable. Be careful in whatever you opt for. Some girls may even prefer to be given the post of a lady. Elegance always looks charming. Some girls prefer to have a badass image. There is no particular generalization. Every girl is a different type of candidate for a nickname.

It is important to be particularly careful in not making them sound offensive. Sweet and simple should be your priority. Make your girl feel important and cherished. You are a girl and choose a nickname for your other girlfriends; you can do a little experiment here and there. You can even spice things up. However, guys need to be very modest and affectionate. Here are a few dirty nicknames for girls:

Wonder woman (the perfect nickname because it is elegant, badass and strong all at the same time)

  1. Hottie
  2. Baby doll
  3. Sugar
  4. Red Rose
  5. Axe lady
  6. Love venom
  7. Cherry
  8. Marsh mallow
  9. Cheer leader
  10. Goldie locks
  11. Nut cracker
  12. Foxy
  13. Kitten
  14. Mom bod
  15. Poison cookie
  16. Apple pie
  17. Ivy
  18. Honey tarte
  19. Enchantress
  20. Sweet and spicy
  21. Love magnet
  22. Sexy witch (careful with this one!)
  23. Angel
  24. Love bud
  25. Scorpion
  26. Midnight Mirage
  27. Juicy cheeks
  28. Body Bag
  29. Feather
  30. Angel’s eyes
  31. Juicy Lips
  32. Goddess
  33. Red Xenon
  34. Madam
  35. Princess
  36. Fury
  37. Desirable Dutchess
  38. Wild cat
  39. Naughty doll
  40. Bella
  41. Hot Chica
  42. Sweet love
  43. Big Mama
  44. Sweet candy
  45. Pink paradise
  46. Vixen
  47. Lady
  48. Queen
  49. Beauty queen
  50. Mistress
  51. Majesty
  52. Cougar
  53. Bonita
  54. Mademoiselle
  55. Tigress
  56. Venus
  57. The Hot Goddess
  58. Hotness personified
  59. Cleopatra
  60. Empress
  61. Vegas
  62. Sexy
  63. Daydream
  64. Fantasy
  65. Spellbinder
  66. Sexy Zoe
  67. Cat woman
  68. Ash
  69. Neon
  70. Queen Bee
  71. Sexy Bee
  72. Catty
  73. Predator
  74. Shark
  75. Hot Scotch
  76. Supernova

Funny Dirty Nicknames

Funny Dirty Nicknames

Funny and dirty nicknames have an air of lightheartedness and sophistication around them. These are ideal for informal occasions like weddings, housewarming parties, double dates and casual meets. You can pop some of these while talking to a person or while giving a speech. Funny and dirty nicknames are very versatile. Here are some of the best picks in funny and dirty nicknames:

  1. Missy
  2. Barbie doll
  3. Dad’s princess
  4. Gold digger
  5. Temptress
  6. Mr. Moustache
  7. Spongebob
  8. Popeye
  9. Snoop Dog
  10. Buzzer
  11. Potato chips
  12. Pink Panther
  13. Grande Ass
  14. Sweet potato
  15. Lady finger
  16. Bumpkin
  17. Blossom
  18. Monkey
  19. Cutie pie
  20. Chocolate
  21. Strawberry shortcake
  22. Cinnamon rolls
  23. Granny Fanny
  24. Chicken legs
  25. Lobster
  26. Cheese balls
  27. Mint lips
  28. Tough lover
  29. Butter cups
  30. Muffin butt
  31. Sparkling eyes
  32. Day trader
  33. Silent Killer
  34. White wishes
  35. Toasty
  36. Animal farm
  37. Hanky-panky spanky
  38. Pizza topping
  39. Dirty laundry
  40. Horror House
  41. Glass house
  42. Tummy Tanker
  43. Sexy cyanide
  44. Wild virus
  45. Poker nose
  46. Fish trap
  47. Love bomb
  48. Baby cake
  49. Honey crunch
  50. Empty Eternity

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