240+ Cute Names for Vagina- Sexy and Funny Nicknames for Vagina

It is world known fact that he vaginas awesome without any doubt. No one in this world would disagree with the fact. The vaginas are having a power that nothing else in the world has. Hot vaginas are capable to get work out of anyone within no time covering all hurdles. However, the vagina is a rubbish word to call it, and almost anyone would agree on this. There are more than 10000 words for vagina that you may choose to call a vagina, however it has language barriers. Out of these names, some are hilarious, some are funny, and some are slang words, while some words are full of love.

Would you ever consider to call the vagina of your girlfriend, wife, or partner with any nickname? Can you imagine of some other names for the vagina other than cunt, pussy, and coochie? However, if you are in need to learn quite a few names for vagina then you are at the right place. The article is to cater the different nicknames being used for vagina all across the globe.

Common Vagina Names      

Think of the names that you are aware of to call a vagina. Well, you may be thinking that what you can call a vagina except vagina. Right? Well there are a few common names that are used for calling vagina.

The most common names for vagina

  1. Cunt
  2. Twat
  3. Labia
  4. Vulva
  5. Pussy
  6. Clit
  7. Clitoris
  8. Vagina itself.

Slang for Vagina – Sexy and Erotic

Now, lets’ talk about the slang words which are being used for calling the vagina all across the globe. Well mostly couple don’t call vagina with erotic names but some couples do it quite often too. Some men use erotic names for their partner’s vagina in messages, letters, and emails as well. Some of the most common erotic and slang words being used for vagina all across the globe are

  1. Canal
  2. Clit
  3. Pink Pearl
  4. Flower
  5. Nub
  6. Mount of her arousal
  7. Between her legs
  8. Bud
  9. Center and her core

Some of the dirtiest and high dose erotic names used for vagina are

  1. Her center
  2. Apex
  3. Groin
  4. Junction of her thighs
  5. Folds
  6. Pool of moisture
  7. Heart of her femininity
  8. Her essence
  9. Mons
  10. Crease
  11. Sheath
  12. Her sex
  13. Her entrance
  14. Heaven
  15. Yoni
  16. Wet curls
  17. Mound
  18. Fragrant curls
  19. Triangular patch
  20. Scabbard etc

Historical Names of Vagina

You may not believe but there have been nicknames for vagina all through history. There are numerous nicknames for vagina that have played a vital role in classic plays and movies emerging as hit names. The following are some words which are being used by Shakespeare in his novels and plays for vagina.

  1. House: He meant it for the inner or abode which serves as a house for the penis.
  2. Pie-Corner: He used the word to substitute the famous corner which is known for prostitution and he meant it for demonstrating vagina or whore.
  3. Case: He used the word in a play in which a man brought another woman other than his wife to bed for sex.
  4. Porridge: Yes, he used the word for vagina mimicking and sensation.
  5. Coffer: He, used the word for the inner jewel of woman i.e. vagina.
  6. French Withered Pear: He used the word for vagina in few plays.

There are quite a few more names which have been used for vagina all through history. The historical names which were used for vagina

  1. Altar of Venus
  2. Belle chose
  3. Placket lace
  4. Contra punctum
  5. Netherlands
  6. Phoenix nest
  7. Mount Pleasant
  8. Nature’s treasury
  9. Privy punctum
  10. Contra punctum
  11. Lady’s low toupee
  12. Road to christening
  13. Fob
  14. Venerable monosyllable
  15. Petticoat lane
  16. Fancy article
  17. Cyprian fountain
  18. Thatched cottage

Funny Names for Vagina

Well, if you are not a person to call vagina by erotic, loving, or historical names, then you got the funny names as well. Yes, there are numerous funny names being used to call vagina. Some of the funny names

  1. Taco
  2. Muff
  3. Camel toe
  4. Fish lips
  5. Cooter
  6. Beaver
  7. Penis garage
  8. Huck hole
  9. Love button
  10. Garage
  11. Cock sock
  12. Cum dumpster
  13. Cock pocket
  14. Penis pocket
  15. Cock glove
  16. Penis glove
  17. Sperm bottle
  18. Deep socket
  19. We socket
  20. Goop chute
  21. Quim
  22. Poon
  23. Pooter
  24. Bajingo
  25. Poontang
  26. Trim
  27. Punani
  28. Trim

There are some other funny names as well which are

  1. Cooch
  2. Vertical bacon sandwich
  3. Tunnel of love
  4. Bearded clam
  5. Catfish
  6. Nookie
  7. Snapper
  8. Minge
  9. Fuzz box
  10. Cum craver
  11. Flesh cavern
  12. Meat curtains
  13. Cock squeezer
  14. Whisker biscuit
  15. Kitty
  16. Coin purse
  17. Cupcake
  18. Banana basket
  19. Lady flower
  20. Flower pot
  21. Gash
  22. Pink panther
  23. Juice box
  24. Hot pocket
  25. Penis fly trap
  26. Vertical smile
  27. Dew flaps
  28. Panty hamster
  29. Notorious V.A.G
  30. Puff pillow
  31. Flaming lips
  32. Furburger
  33. Sausage wallet
  34. Love rug
  35. Axe wound
  36. Pink taco
  37. Asshole neighbor
  38. Dinner roll
  39. Silk igloo
  40. Bacon hole
  41. Red lane
  42. Golden palace
  43. Fish mitten
  44. Furry furnace
  45. Holiest of holies
  46. Cockpit
  47. Seer hoof
  48. Rooster jaws
  49. Mule nose
  50. Tuna town
  51. Flesh tuxedo
  52. Golden arches
  53. Black hole
  54. Tube well
  55. Rose bud
  56. Home plate
  57. Cream canal
  58. Sugar hole
  59. Cupid’s cupboard
  60. Apple pie
  61. Breakfast of champions
  62. Tongue roll
  63. Conch shell
  64. Toolshed
  65. Horn of plenty
  66. Fruit cup
  67. Snake charmer
  68. Python syphon
  69. fly catcher

Nicknames for Vagina

Until now, you may have learnt a number of names for vagina, however the nicknames for vagina are not yet at its end. There are numerous other nicknames for vagina as well. Other nicknames for vagina are

  1. Papusa
  2. Sapo
  3. Papaya
  4. Pepita
  5. Alancia
  6. Arepa
  7. Moule
  8. Schwobli
  9. Toston
  10. Mus
  11. Utsuk
  12. Dooz
  13. Cipka
  14. Pizza
  15. Bicho
  16. Katori
  17. Bicho
  18. Tako
  19. Papa
  20. Tanima no yuri
  21. Cunt
  22. Aphrodisiacal tennis court
  23. French withered pear

Cute and Sexy Names for Vagina

There are abundant cute and sexy names for vagina as well. The vagina has been names with cute names all across the world. Most of the couples are also in mood to call the vagina with cute and sexy names. These sexy and cute names comprises of baby maker specifically named it for its purpose to give birth to babies. The axe wound name is give because it look likes wound of axe on wood. Pounani name is given because of its mysterious appearance. Mermaid purse name is given because of its fanciful and sweet nature. Nana name is given because Rihanna sang it. Cock holster is given because of its purpose to get cock inside. Pasqueet name is given because sometimes a vagina is proud and loud. Love tunnel name is given because it takes in penis and remains there for some time.

There are more cute names as well such as

  1. Vadge
  2. Twat
  3. Cunt
  4. Butterfly
  5. Poon tang
  6. Lady flower
  7. Love tunnel
  8. Pussy
  9. Devil’s doorbell
  10. Lady bits
  11. Privates
  12. Chocha
  13. Girlie
  14. Muff
  15. Snatch
  16. Beaver
  17. Kitty
  18. Clam
  19. Pink cato
  20. Cave of wonders
  21. Noni
  22. Wizard sleeve
  23. Box
  24. Muffin
  25. Cookie
  26. Cooter
  27. Pie
  28. Pink pearl
  29. Toy box
  30. Munch box
  31. Panty hamster
  32. Hoo ha
  33. Bald man in a boat
  34. Nether regions
  35. Tongue trap
  36. Paw paw patch
  37. Cherry
  38. Her sex

Other words for pussy in Different Languages

The craze for having nicknames for vagina is not limited only for certain regions. However, the craze has been dominated all over the world. In each country of the world, there are different regional and international nicknames for vagina. These names are very famous in the local public and they use it very often. Some of the local nicknames for vagina are so much popular that these names are adopted on global scale.

There are some nice and decent nicknames for vagina such as honey pot. Honey pot name is given to vagina because it is sweet as honey and nothing can be sweeter than a vagina. One of the other decent name for vagina is sugarcane juice factory. This name is given because some people like to lick the juice of vagina and it has the same taste for them like the juice of a sugarcane.

Now, let’s begin the nicknames of vagina in different regions and countries of the world. There are numerous nicknames for vagina in Europe. There are numerous Scottish words for vagina. Some of the most popular words for vagina are

  1. Clunge
  2. Chuff
  3. Clout
  4. Gash
  5. Fanny
  6. Vag
  7. Pish flaps
  8. Beef curtains
  9. Muff

Spain has been known for the romance and how is it possible that Spanish people don’t have nicknames for vagina. The Spanish nicknames are like

  1. Pepa
  2. Vulva
  3. Conho
  4. Palomita
  5. Raja
  6. Potorro
  7. Conejo

The sub-continent region is also known for its romantic avatar. The kama sutra is very popular when it comes to love making. Therefore, in the countries of sub-continent such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and Nepal etc. the common nicknames for vagina

  1. Phuddi
  2. Phudda
  3. Choot
  4. Khus
  5. Kwas
  6. Chootarh
  7. Lun ka ghar

It has been known that there are abundant names for vagina that are used as nicknames but there are some nicknames which are the best of all. These nicknames are badly packed kebabs, axe wound, meat wallet, and phuddi. However, the best name to use for vagina while on bed with your wife, girlfriend, or partner are

  1. Cunt
  2. Vagina
  3. Snatch
  4. Pussy
  5. choot

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