250+ Turkish Nicknames for Girls and Guys

Turkey is a unique language with some pieces of Arabic and Urdu. It has an interesting series of words, which have their meanings in accordance with their contexts.

Same is the case with Turkish nicknames. They are unique, interesting, authentic, and creative. Some of them resemble the nicknames of other languages, while some of them can only be found in Turkish culture.

In this post, we have collected a list of 250 plus Nicknames for Guys and Girls. They are not only interesting, but also some of them are shocking and funny. So, let’s move on towards the list and find the nickname of your choice!

Turkish Nicknames for Guys

Most of the Turkish guys like to call each other with different nicknames. It is a common practice in the country and they feel more comfortable with their nicknames.

It is also important to mention that some alphabets of English have a completely different pronunciation in the Turkish language. For Example, J is pronounced as C and D with T. For this reason, you must keep that in my mind and I have also added the pronunciations of some nicknames.

Cute Turkish Nicknames for Guys

  1. Kaan—It means royal prince. It will suit a guy with an elegant and decent personality.
  2. Neval—It means original. It is for a guy who loves simplicity!
  3. Cankus(Junkus)— It a cute nickname for your closest friend.
  4. Zeki—It means intelligent. For a smart guy!
  5. Okan—It means warrior. It will suit a brave guy with too much cuteness.
  6. Cano(Juno)—If you have one sincere friend in your life, then it is for him. It means only a sincere person.
  7. Adlee—For the one who is fair in all matters!
  8. Edric—For a strong guy!
  9. Nouis—It means bright and shining. It will suit a cute guy who has a shining personality!
  10. Kanki (CUN-KEE)— It means bestie. It will suit your best friend!
  11. Cengaver(Jeng-a-where)—It means superior!
  12. Baris—It literally means cool and calm. It is suitable for a guy who is never angry!
  13. Tarkan—It means bold and strong. Confident and cute guys will deserve it!
  14. Cesur Yurek ((JE-SOUR YEU-WRECK))—It is for the brave guys!
  15. Sekersin—Simply cute!
  16. Yeteneklisin—This cute nickname is for a boy who is God gifted with many talents!
  17. Panpa (PAN-PA)—For your Best friend!
  18. Canavar(Jun-a-war)— It is suitable for someone with superior qualities!
  19. Tatlı patates—It means cute Potato!
  20. Kuzu (CUE-ZOO)— If you know a guy who is calm and quiet, then he deserves this nickname!
  21. Lord—It means a rich man.
  22. Çakır (CHUCKAR) — Do you know a Turkish guy with grayish eyes? If yes, then this cute nickname is for him only!

P.S You can also use it for someone with the eyes of any other color!

  1. Şopar (SHO-PARR)— It means a cute dancing guy. It will suit a person who is too fond of dancing!

Funny Turkish Nicknames for Guys

  1. Kurnaz—It is a funny nickname for the guy who keeps dodging others. It means a dodger.
  2. Issız Adam (IZ-SIZ UH-DUM)—This funny nickname is for a guy who keeps changing girlfriends. He has nothing to do with commitments and always in a search of beautiful girls.
  3. Dolandırıcı—It means Con Man!
  4. Pala (PUH-LUH)—Most of the Turkish ladies use this funny nickname for the guys having heavy mustache. It means Big mustache!
  5. Fare—A funny nickname for a short-heighted and naughty boy. It means a mouse!
  6. Sokulan—It simply means creepy.
  7. uykulu çocuk—Is he always feeling sleepy? Does he keep yawning all the time? Then this funny nickname will suit him as it means Sleepyhead!
  8. Kara oğlan (CAR-UH OH-LAN)—It a funny nickname for the guys with a dark complexion!
  9. Azman (UZ-MANN)— It is for a huge guy as it means monstrous and overgrown.
  10. kitap kurdu—For a guy whose love is only reading books. It means a Bookworm!
  11. Dingil (DIN-GILL)—There are some boys who are very moody. They have no balance in their daily routines and behaviors. This funny nickname will suit such type of guys!
  12. Uyuşuk tip—It means a slowcoach!
  13. Sünger (SUEN-GAIRE)—For the guy who drinks a lot!
  14. Tarzan (TARZAN)— Mostly, it is used for a rough and tough guy!
  15. Pislik (PISS-LICK) —Another funny nickname for the creepy guys!
  16. Kötü çocuk (KEU-TUE CHO-JUKE)—Simply a bad boy!
  17. Şaban (SHA-BUN)—It translates into a foolish guy. It is for a silly person
  18. inek öğrenci—It means nerd!
  19. Ayıcık (UH-YEA-JUKE)—It means small bear!
  20. Şampiyon (SHAMPION)—It literally means Champaign. Mostly, the Turk Fathers use it for their sons.
  21. Şeytan (SHEI-TAN)—The guys who are extremely evils is perfect for this nickname. It means Satan!
  22. Tembel teneke (TAM-BELL TENEKKE) —For the guy who is extremely lazy.
  23. patates kanepesi—It simply means Potato Couch.
  24. Kalas (KHA-LASSE)—A bad-mannered guy deserves it!
  25. aptal adam— Stupid guy!
  26. Mezarcı (MEH-ZUR-JY)—Do you someone who is extremely opportunist? If yes, then pick this one for him!
  27. Sefil—A miserable guy!
  28. Pilot (PEE-LOT) —For the guy who is always drunk!
  29. Fil yavrusu (FILL YUV-RUE-SUE) —It is for a fat guy as it means baby elephant!
  30. Baykuş (BUY-KUSH)— This one is for the guy who doesn’t sleep at nights and stay awake like owls.
  31. Prens (PRANCE)— If he is the favorite guy of manager or the beloved student of your teachers, then he deserves this one!
  32. Kızıl saç—For the red-haired guys!
  33. Balta (BUL-TAH)—If he always annoys you, then calling him with this funny nickname is a good choice!
  34. arkadan konuşan— Simply the backbiter!
  35. Montofon (MONE-TOPHON)—It is a name of a cow and is often used for the nerds.
  36. Bencil—For the selfish guy!
  37. Minik (ME-NICK)—small and naughty!
  38. Öküz (EU-KUSE)—Turkish ladies use this nickname for the rude guys!
  39. Hırbo, Hırt (HIR-BO /HIRRED) –) —For the guy who always does stupid things!
  40. Kem goz—It means evil eye!
  41. Sayko (PSYCHO) — Simply a mental guy!
  42. İnek (E-NECK) — Another name of a type of cow, used for calling someone a nerd!
  43. Sırık (SI-RIIK) — For the taller guys!
  44. Yalancı—Liar!
  45. Kelek (KHE-LECK) — It is for an adult guy who has immature thinking!
  46. Bukalemun (BOU-KHA-LEE-MOON) —Chameleon—change in a second!
  47. Coni (JOHNNY) — When a Turkish guy lives an American life, he is called with this funniest nickname!
  48. Zeus—Dictator boss!
  49. Kova (CHO-WA)— For those who are not good at playing footballs, especially the bad goalkeepers!
  50. Jack eşek—Jackass!
  51. Bizon—If he extremely fat, calling him Buffalo is a good choice!
  52. Toprağım (TOP-RUAMM)—If he belongs to your hometown, this one is for him!
  53. Otoriter—Bossy!
  54. Tahta—Suitable for the unskilled guys!
  55. Iskambil—Joker!
  56. Köse (KEU-SAE)— Some ladies love guys with a beard. Do, they can use this one for a beardless guy!
  57. kıdemsiz parlamento üyesi—Always sitting on the last bench of the class! The Backbencher…
  58. Tosun (THO-SUNE) —It literally translates into Bullock and is used for fat guys.
  59. Angut (UN-GOOT)—The hammer-headed!
  60. Ezik— The funniest nickname for the loser guys! It means losers.
  61. Maymun (MY-MOON)—If you know a funny guy, then pick this nickname for him. It means Monkey.
  62. Poopst is—For a guy who poops a lot!
  63. Şuursuz (SHOER-SUZE)— For the guy who always behaves like being unconscious!
  64. cam giyen— The Glass wearer guy!
  65. Transeksüel— Does he has a feminine attitude? This nickname is for him then!
  66. Eşek (ASH-EKK) —It is for the stupid guy as it means the Donkey.
  67. Çılgın Adam—The Crazy Guy!

Turkish Nicknames for Boyfriend

  1. Aslan—It means powerful. It is suitable for a guy who is strong!
  2. Kaptanim (CUP-THUN)— My captain!
  3. Candon—If you believe he is sincere and honest, then this nickname is for him!
  4. Böceğim (BOE-JAME) It translates into my beetle and my bug. If you are feeling romantic, then call him with this sweet nickname!
  5. Murat—He is the only wish of yours, which has come true!
  6. Gözlerim—It means my eyes!
  7. Canımın içi (JOHN-UHM-AN EACHEE)— It means deep inside my heart.
  8. Prensim—Simply, my prince!
  9. Çağlayanım (CHU-LAYAN-UHM) —It means my waterfall.
  10. Ustam—If you think he loves controlling you, then you may call him, my master
  11. Gururum—It means my proud!
  12. Nefesimin sebebi—reason of my breath
  13. Çikolatam (CHICCO-LATTE-UHM) It is the sweetest nickname to call your boyfriend as it means my chocolate!
  14. benim koruyucu meleğim— Call him my guardian angel and he will love you more!
  15. ışığım—If he has added colors to your life, then you may call him my light.
  16. Diğer yarım (DEE-ERR YUHR-UHM) — It means my other half!
  17. Benim gücüm—With this nickname, you can let him know that he is your power!
  18. Benim çikolatalı turta—It means my choco pie!
  19. Erkeğim (ERR-KEE-EEM) It means my man!
  20. Kalbimin kralı— With this nickname, you can tell him that he is the king of your heart!
  21. Fedaim (PHE-DAIM)— It means my bodyguard!
  22. Benim Dünyam—It is one of the cutest nicknames as it translates into my world
  23. Boğam (BO-UHM) — It means my bull.
  24. Nefesim—It means my breath!
  25. Efem—My dear devil boy…
  26. Ayim—It means my moon!
  27. Yakışıklım—With this nickname, you can tell him how do you feel about him. It means my handsome!
  28. müstakbel kocam—If you guys are in a serious relationship, then you should pick up this nickname. It means my future husband!
  29. ilk aşkım— If he is your first love, then you should not hesitate in telling him. It means My first love!
  30. bir tanem –—It means my only one!
  31. Anlayışlısın—If he understands you well, then he deserves this nickname!
  32. Naziksin—For a boyfriend, who is a real gentleman!
  33. Koca bebek (CO-JUH BABE-ACHE) —It is a funny nickname for an adult boyfriend, who always behaves in childish ways!
  34. Sadiksin— It means devoted.
  35. Gunesim ‗ It means my sun!
  36. Benim fatihim— My Conqueror!
  37. Fırtınam (FIHR-THE-NUM)— It will suit him if he is sexy. It means my storm!
  38. Muhteşemsin— It means the one who is splendid and deserves your love!
  39. Sevimli Canavar— It means my huge Monster
  40. Baba (BUH-BUH)— It means good hearted!
  41. benim hayatım— It means my life!
  42. Sert çocuk (SAERT CHO-JUKE)— In his arms, do you feel like in heaven? If the answer is yes, then he is the best choice for this one! It means tough boy.
  43. Acıcıgım— Turkish men hate being called as a bear, only. For this reason, you can add dear and call him my dear bear!
  44. Kral (KRUHL)—It means the king.
  45. hayatımın aşkı— It means love of my life!
  46. Kıymetlim (KUY-MATE-LEEM) — It means my precious asset!
  47. Gerçek Adam— It means a real man!
  48. Kuşum (KUSH-UHM) — It will suit a cute boyfriend as it means my bird.
  49. Sebebim—It means my reason!
  50. Talihim (THALEE-HIM)— It means my luck!
  51. Malkoçoğlu— It is for a boyfriend who is a daring boy because; Malkoçoğlu was a brave man of war!
  52. Rambo— It means very strong man. The man with real manship!
  53. Tatlım—It means sweet person!
  54. Bir tanem—It means my sweetheart!
  55. Çörekim—It means my donut!
  56. Cesur kralım—My brave king!
  57. Arzum— With this name, you can tell him that he is your desire!
  58. Süpermen— the Best Guy for you!
  59. sonsuzluğum aşkım—It means my eternal love!
  60. Gökkuşağım (GEUKH-KUSH-AH-UHM) — It means my rainbow!
  61. Hayatımın ihtiyacı—It means a need of my life!
  62. Evcil hayvanım—A sweet and adorable nickname to call him, which means my pet!
  63. Hayatımın—My lifeline!
  64. Benim sevimli meleğim—It means my cute angel.
  65. ruhumun bir parçası—It means the part of my soul.
  66. Sütlü çikolatam (SUET-LUE CHICCO-LATTE-UHM) — It is a sexy nickname as it means my milk chocolate.
  67. Gönül Hırsızı—the heart stealer!
  68. kalp anahtarı— It means my Heart’s key!
  69. Kalbimin sesi (KUHL-BEEM-IN SASSY) — It means the voice of my heart.
  70. Benim başarım—It means my success!
  71. Kalbim—It means my heart!
  72. Yarim— My glory!
  73. Koruyucum—It means my protector!
  74. Benim acımasızlık—It means my cuteness!
  75. Paşam (PASHUM)—Pasha was Turk leader, who revolutionized the country. If your partner has also made changes in your life, then you can call him with this nickname. It means My Pasha!
  76. Onurum—It means my honor!
  77. Serseri aşığım (SAER-SERRY ASHA-UHM) —It means my crazy lover.

Turkish Nicknames for Girls

Like men, nicknames are also common in Turkish girls. However, they are not as harsh as the guys use for each other. In addition, nicknames in other languages are sometimes sexist, which are not much liked in the Turkish culture.

The nicknames of the ladies are respectable, cute, and sweet. They don’t like nicknames as a hot mama, hot butts, or big buns. For the ladies in Turkey, respect is necessary for a relationship!

Cute Turkish Nicknames for Girls

  1. Luna— It means flower, especially rose.
  2. Afet (UH-FAT)— Its meaning in the dictionary is a disaster, but Turks use it for calling a girl as beautiful.
  3. Roxy—It means dawn!
  4. Nefissin—It means heavenly!
  5. Marrah Jameela— It means a beautiful reason for happiness. The parents often use it for their daughters. In addition, some also use it for calling the girls wearing a veil!
  6. Afrodit (APHRODITE) — It means an amazing beauty!
  7. Birisin— It means a unique girl.
  8. Sila—For a Strong girl!
  9. Sütlü güzellik— It means milky beauty!
  10. Ada—For a girl, who has a happy attitude!
  11. Minnoş (MEAN-NOSH) — It means a small girl.
  12. Emine— It is for a fearless girl!
  13. Fıstık (FUS-TACK) —It means pretty!
  14. Tuzlu güzellik—It means a salty beauty
  15. Kleopatra (CLEOPATRA)— Following the traditions are good. If you know a girl who loves them too, then you can call her a traditional beauty!
  16. Ela—It means the representative of mother earth! Most often it is used for the strong girls!
  17. Maviş (MAVISH) —It means blue eyes!
  18. Zehra—It means bright and luminous!
  19. Benim küçük serçe—It means my little sparrow!
  20. Güzel sees— It is for the girl with a beautiful voice!
  21. Güvercin—It means Dove. It will suit a girl who never fights and remains calm!
  22. Tatlı Cadı (TUT-LY JUDDAH)—It is for a girl who is sweet but stubborn!
  23. Aylin—It means light!
  24. çekicisin—For a glamorous girl!
  25. Duyarlısın— For a sensitive girl!
  26. Duygusalsın—If she is sentimental, then you can call her with this one!
  27. çiğ damlası—It will suit a pure and virgin girl, as it means a dewdrop.
  28. Elmalı turta— It is for a cute girl as it means apple pie!
  29. Melek Gözler—It will suit an innocent girl as it means angel eyes!
  30. çekici kız—This nickname is for an attractive girl!

Funny Turkish Nicknames for Girls

  1. Baharatlı kız—It will suit a fighter girl as it means a spicy girl!
  2. kızgın kuş—Another one for a girl with attitude. It means angry bird!
  3. Camış (JUM-ISH)— It literally means water buffalo and you can choose it for a fat girl!
  4. Dana (DUH-NUH) It means the calf of a cow and mostly used for silly girls!
  5. Kobra (COBRA)—sneaky girl!
  6. Tutkal—For the one who sticks and annoys you a lot. It means Glue!
  7. Gizemli—For a mysterious girl!
  8. Tilki—It will suit a clever and cunning girl, as it means Fox.
  9. Siyah güzellik—It means black beauty.
  10. huysuz kadın— A wildcat is its meanings, which is suitable for a girl who is always ready to fight!
  11. kısa kek—It is for the short heightened girls. It means shortcake!
  12. Bonus kafa (BOO-NUSE KAPHA)—It is for a girl who has curly hairs with a huge volume!
  13. Karamela—It is for an extremely talkative girl. It means butterscotch!

Turkish Nicknames for Girlfriend

  1. Azra—For your innocent and virgin girlfriend!
  2. Esma—It means emerald! You can pick it up for letting her know that she is precious!
  3. Askim—It means my love
  4. Balim—It means my honey
  5. Gökkuşağı—It means my rainbow!
  6. benim güzel kızım—It means my beautiful girl!
  7. Sevimlisin—It means my prettiest!
  8. Cicegim—It means my flower!
  9. Tatlim—It means my sweetie!
  10. Tatlısın—Same as above
  11. Benim incilim— It means my pearl.
  12. Taş— With this nickname, you can tell her that she is very important to you. It means a Gem!
  13. Opalin— Another sweet nickname for telling her that she is precious
  14. Güzelim— It means my beautiful!
  15. Gülüm— It means my rose!
  16. Bi tanem—It means my only one!
  17. I janaor— It means my beloved!
  18. altın kırıntı— A sweet nickname to call her a gold crumb!
  19. kalbimin Anahtarı—It means the key to my heart.
  20. Bebeğim—It means my baby!
  21. Kremsi gözler— It will suit her if she has beautiful eyes. It means Creamy eyes!
  22. Hayatim—It means my life!
  23. Sevgilim—It means my dear!
  24. Gelecekteki karısı— If you are serious in marrying her, then you can call her my wife to be!
  25. kÃçÃğÃim—It means my little girl!
  26. Canim—It means my soul!
  27. Ev üreticisi—If you think she is the one who will change your house into a home, then she is your Homemaker!
  28. Güzel gözler —It means my eyes
  29. Taze esinti— It means a fresh breeze!
  30. Yumuşaksın— It means softie!
  31. Sultanim— It means my Queen!
  32. Meleğim— It means my angel!
  33. Akıllısın—If she always maintains the relationship with her wise acts, then she is a good choice for this nickname!
  34. Alımlısın—You are with her and she knows the ways of keeping your concentration at her, so you can pick this nickname for her. It means engaging.
  35. Zelsin—It means lovely!
  36. Yavrum—If you want to call her darling, here is the nickname for her!
  37. Yildizim— It means my star!
  38. Heyecan Vericisin— If your relationship is always filled with love, excitements, and surprises, the let her know that she is so exciting for you!
  39. Harikasın— It means wonderful!
  40. Pırıltım (PAR-ALT-UHM) — It means my sparkling thing!
  41. Kelebeğim—It means my butterfly.
  42. benim başarım—It means my achievement.
  43. Benim munchkin— It is an adorable nickname that means my munchkin!

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