350+ Police Nicknames

Knock knock…
Who is this?
What do you want?
To talk
How many are you? Two
Then talk each other

Around the world, Police department and its officers are some of the most discussed things in the memes, jokes, and funny nicknames. That’s because at one side, police is a sign of security for the people but due to their stupidities and habits of doubting everyone and not the criminals, people love calling them with such nicknames.

In this article, we have collected 350+ police nicknames for our readers. They are from all across the world and you will really enjoy what people call their cops in their regions. Not only had that, but you can also use these nicknames for your police and share them with your friends to have more fun.

Nicknames For Police Officers

Funniest Nicknames

  1. Ayna—A Turkish nickname used for cops with less honor for others.
  2. Babylon—It is a term used for corrupt police officers
  3. Bacon—It is a funny and a bit derogatory nickname for fat police officers.
  4. Flatfoot—Expression less!
  5. Beagle—No one takes the officer seriously.
  6. Fuzz—Corrupt police in different regions of the world.
  7. Robocop—The officer who bluntly imposes law without evaluating the situation.
  8. Drunkin’ Donuts—A funny combination of Drunks and donut lover police officers.
  9. Ninja—It is also a funny one for those police men who wear mask while raiding anywhere.
  10. Smokey bacon—bear and bacon together!
  11. B’B lover—bribe lover!
  12. Pup—newly joined officers!
  13. Pupster—Same as above!
  14. Crook—More bad than criminals
  15. Fing Bidiots— A nickname for investigative police.
  16. Ghost officer—In Asian countries like India and Pakistan, it is used for those police officers who rarely perform their duties.
  17. Barney—It is a funny yet derogatory term derived after Barnet Fify.
  18. Cop A feel— A spoiled police officer
  19. G-Men—Governmental men
  20. Bacon Breath—For those who are madly in love with Bacon.
  21. Smokey the bear—Another funniest one for fat police officers.
  22. Five-O—It has derived from an old cartoon character who warn the travelers for over speeding.
  23. Dark side—Evilest!
  24. Hot Cop—Smart and handsome officer
  25. Sugar evils—Looks kind but really evil.
  26. Rob-laws—disobey laws!
  27. Law lizards—Slim law officers…
  28. Heaters—Can shoot anyone’s blood pressure
  29. County Mounty—Road searchers
  30. Nicker—When a cop arrests suspects in a large number…
  31. Bears—Same as smokey the bear.
  32. Pooh—New and funny nickname for fatty police officers.
  33. Dick—It is another funny nickname for cops from the cartoon Dick the Tracy.
  34. Piggy—One of the most common nickname for cops with huge bellies.
  35. Batten Burg—It is a type of cake with blue and yellow reflective patterns as that of UK police cars.
  36. Beasty Bear—For big police officers with monstrous attitudes for the citizens.
  37. The Man—For those police men who work on suppressing political and rebellion activities.
  38. Squalie—Always eating.
  39. Bizzies—For those who said they are always busy in helping citizens.
  40. Billo— A cute and funny nickname.
  41. Vics—Victoria Police
  42. 007—Police officers who try to become detective.
  43. Fake bees— Another one for those who said that they are busy in combating crime but you never see anything positive in the area.
  44. Vamps—Those who throw you to trouble for small issues.
  45. Mister Meanor—For the one who makes a lot of troubles over smaller things.
  46. Laal kabootar—A desi nickname for police informers.
  47. Collar catcher—catches by collar
  48. Walloper—Always standing besides walls.
  49. Busy bodies— Same as above
  50. Cuff lover—Always ready to arrest!
  51. Kojak–detective
  52. Anda (Egg)—A funny nickname used in Pakistan and India for Traffic police men wearing white uniforms.
  53. Blue bottle—Did you get the concept of bottle and glass?
  54. Plodder—In the United Kingdom, authors of children’s books use the funny term for police men.
  55. Whito—racist officer
  56. Ghetto Bird—For police mean who patrol in helicopters
  57. Bird—Same as above
  58. Wooden Top—Angry brain officer!
  59. Bookers—Those who arrest many people as suspect.
  60. Woody—Plastic police officer
  61. Jura—big officer
  62. Bluish—wearing blue uniform
  63. Hawkshaw—detective
  64. Pocket shooter—arrests pick pockets!
  65. Stool Pigeon—Undercover cop!
  66. Donuts—When they can’t eat pork, they eat donuts!
  67. Buzzkill—Fun killers police officers!
  68. Black Mariah—A funny slang for those who go with the prisoner van.
  69. Piggy— A funny nickname to shout police are brutal.
  70. Blueband—Without beards and moustache.
  71. Boiled eggs—same as above.
  72. Butch Ada—active detective
  73. CID Officer—suspecting everyone!
  74. Aloof—detective smoking pipe
  75. First badge of idiots— FBI
  76. Bitter gourd—For offensive police officers.
  77. Oink—When you don’t understand what they are trying to tell you.
  78. Henky Penky—Same a above
  79. First big idots– FBI
  80. Pork—lifeline of police officers
  81. Lazybird—for lazy police officers.
  82. Brady Cops—A funny nickname for dishonest policemen.
  83. Bronze—The one who could only one a bronze while chasing someone.
  84. Swine—Those police officers who are just unbearable.
  85. Pork chops—heavy police officer
  86. Hard Stripper- Promoted officer
  87. Promo—Same as above
  88. Do-do nutters—Donut lover police officers!
  89. Pork chips—Police and pork go parallel.
  90. Sleepers—Another funny one for those who sleep tight and do nothing.
  91. Red Bull—For fighter police officers
  92. Justins—Officers with ethics
  93. Black Bull—Same as above
  94. Hogs—fat and hairy officers.
  95. Crusher—Police men with heavy boots.
  96. Sow Crate—Male officers with female officer in the car.
  97. Booger man—On the way to chase you!
  98. D’ dick— For detective officers…
  99. Day dreamers—have high plans for peace
  100. Wax collectors—deals with seniors
  101. Mother Teresa—ready to help others
  102. Elephant ears—listens calmly!
  103. Elephant—fat officer.
  104. Meter reader—the one who gives parking tickets!
  105. Meter maid—same as above!
  106. Pork wagon—fat officers inside the van
  107. Town clown—Officers working in the towns!
  108. 12—A warning phrase police give to the criminals.
  109. Inspector Chewingum—A famous Indian cartoon character who always takes the credit of every successful operation.
  110. Please officer—The one who always wants others to beg for getting rid.
  111. Men Fishers—Always ready to arrest someone
  112. Tintu-mon—Short but smart police officers!
  113. Walker—Ready to put anyone in trouble.
  114. Dickless—Don’t have any idea of his job.
  115. Dickless Tracy—Same as above
  116. Puppets—A funny nickname for those who are a failure in front of criminals.
  117. Peace officers—The one who tries to maintain peace.
  118. Fee hunter—Ready to fine you over small things.
  119. The evil empire—nickname for the whole police.
  120. Blue berry—officers in blue uniforms
  121. Bluers—Same
  122. Neelo neel—Hindi but same as above.
  123. Uni—formed officer…
  124. Sleepy eyes—Drunk officer
  125. Sweeney—flying squad
  126. Potato cop—fat officer
  127. Moto—Same as above
  128. Squealers—laugh like pigs
  129. Jail stuffer—want everyone in jail
  130. Prowler—officer who drives slowly
  131. Sick-top—officer in a vehicle without light.
  132. Dirty Copper—Bribe taker!
  133. PUBG—Can take actions on papers.
  134. Cruiser—only travels in cars

Unique Street Nicknames For Police

street police
  1. Gumshoe—It is a famous and interesting street nickname for detective cops who spend a lot of time on streets for finding evidences.
  2. City kitties—patrolling police
  3. IB –liars!
  4. Drones—Officers with no brains!
  5. Triads—An offensive nickname given to Hong Kong Police after failing to save train passengers in riots.
  6. Txakurra—Dogs
  7. Dirty harry—takes bribes!
  8. Empty Brains—Dumb officer!
  9. Book’em Joes—Just want to arrest..
  10. Narc—Undercover narcotics agents
  11. Nark—same as above
  12. Headache man—Usually used for traffic cop who gives you headache all the time.
  13. Nicker—Arrester!
  14. Columbo—make big decisions on small issues!
  15. Old Bill—patrolling every night…
  16. Boob head—wearing helmet like woman’s breast.
  17. Tit head—same as above
  18. Tittos—Same as above
  19. Anger squad—Angry police officers!
  20. Evil Alarms—those who ring siren without any reasons!
  21. Weeh woo..we wooh—Siren!
  22. To roon to roon—desi version of siren
  23. One Time—Not an attractive police officer
  24. Cherries—Siren lovers!
  25. Hii-po—Highway Police
  26. Mo-Po—Motorway Police
  27. Sherlock—Do you know Sherlock Homes, the detective?
  28. Shylock—Cruel officer!
  29. No shit Sherlock—makes specific observations!
  30. Beat Cop—For police men who patrol on streets.
  31. O Po Po—Canadians use it for their patrolling police
  32. Clear—Shouters
  33. Copsboy—Something like cowboy, belonging to rural areas.
  34. Deuce Hunters—Police officers responsible for checking drunk drivers.
  35. Officer D.O Nut—For the one who mostly failed chasing criminals.
  36. Fuzzy Muppets—Officers who cannot do anything right
  37. Blue force—An offensive nickname used or police officers in Florida
  38. Village Bobby—For those who roam in the villages and interfere in the matters of others.
  39. Black Buffalo—for extra large police officers wearing black uniforms.
  40. Occiffer—Drunk police men!
  41. Nooser—hang people!
  42. Militia—Secret police.
  43. Chief Wiggun—The Simpsons’ character…
  44. Bœuf— for expressionless police officers.
  45. Blue Canary—Police men without fire fighting training.
  46. Dibble—fat police officer
  47. Magnifying eye—detective officers…
  48. Major Johsnson—the officer you actually hate..
  49. Dumbo batman—For those who patrol on streets but fail to chase the criminals.
  50. Gravel road Cops—Another Canadian nickname for patrolling police of mountains, forests, and rural areas.
  51. Moosor—offensive Russian nickname meaning garbage.
  52. Black shirts—For those fat police officers who think they look smart in black shirts
  53. Two blues—It refers to the lights of patrolling cars.
  54. Mountie—Officers working at mounted police stations
  55. Mr. Plod—No exact meanings!
  56. Blue flamer—The one who is keen to arrest people.
  57. Chein—An extremely derogatory term for police men patrolling in streets. It means dogs.
  58. Lightening strikers—Patrolling police officers with alarms and sirens.
  59. J-Cat—Crazy cop
  60. Lazy lice—travels in cars only
  61. No Uni—Doesn’t wear uniform
  62. Plain clothes—Same as above!
  63. Brassed—High rank officer
  64. Snail—Same as above
  65. Heat—Cops who drive fastest!
  66. Haircut—Having oral sex during duty hours especially at nights.
  67. Hobby Bobby—Special Constable
  68. Hakem—In Arabic, people use it for their police commandant.
  69. Humpty—fat police officer roaming here and there.
  70. In the bag—Uniformed officer
  71. Chips– California Highway Patrol Officers
  72. Jacksss—something like jack ass…
  73. Jake D’ snake—Another street nickname for night officers.
  74. 5150—crazy police officers
  75. 6 UP—just to warn that police is nearby!
  76. FEO—Same as above
  77. Jack Squad—a group of stupid officers!
  78. Jam Butty—Police officers with bright and colorful uniform
  79. Concrete Beater—for those who are trying to perform smartly but failed to.
  80. Local Yokel—Rural officers
  81. Chor Muhafiz—In South Asian countries, it is for those who have hidden relations with dacoits and criminals.
  82. Local Army—Interesting, right!
  83. Crime partners—Same as above
  84. Town clown—dumb officers
  85. Undertaker—for a huge monster police officer
  86. Pops—The one who is gentle like a father.
  87. Popo—Same as above
  88. UC- Undercover cop
  89. Poulet—Chicken!
  90. Heliiii-Cop—those who patrol in helipcopter.
  91. Ro-Slo-City Police
  92. Formula Winners—those who smartly chase the criminals in cars.
  93. The boys—police officers call each other.
  94. Mod Squad—great one!
  95. 911 boys—ready in emergency
  96. Weed hunters—Arrest smugglers of weed
  97. Peep Peep—those who stands anywhere!
  98. Commissioner Gordon—With big moustache and glasses!
  99. Sexy Cop—For female officers
  100. Cinder Dick—railway police officer
  101. Larvell Jones—Cigar user detective.
  102. Bulls—Brutals
  103. 1 time—If you look them again, you’ll be a suspect.
  104. FED’s—federal agents
  105. So-called presidents—believe that they run the world.
  106. Mr. trump—Never listens to anyone.

Worldwide Famous Nicknames For Police

  1. Bofia— People of Portugal use it for street officers.
  2. Booze Bus— used as a funny slang by Australians
  3. The bigs—used by Afro-Americans.
  4. Plastic officers—UK’s nickname for community officers
  5. Puerco—Hispanic Pig!
  6. Chen Chao—Chinese nickname for detective officers.
  7. Chlupatej—A Czech nickname for hairy officers.
  8. Polda—stupid officers in Czech.
  9. Tun party—A hindi nickname for drunk police party
  10. Tunari—Same as bove
  11. Ponies—those who roam on horses.
  12. Roussin—French detectives!
  13. Maama—A hindi name to call traffic police
  14. Rozzers—Smart looking but not in reality.
  15. Maréchaussée—French nickname for officers!
  16. Boy Dem—used in the Uk for clean-shaved police officers.
  17. Schiemers—It literally means dirty, used for bribe taking officers.
  18. Bulle—German nickname for offensive police officers
  19. Scuffer—Used for Liverpool’s police.
  20. Snut—teenagers use for Norwegian police.
  21. Buttons—For police officers with a shorter height.
  22. Chota—Hispanic nickname
  23. Purken—Norwegian Sow!
  24. Mata—Malay Nickname.
  25. Gorra— Argetinian nickname for police men wearing hats
  26. Byling—A Swedish nickname for patrolling officers.
  27. Pig—fat police officers!
  28. Bull Dog—An offensive nickname common around the world for fat and rude police officers.
  29. Queen’s Cowboys—Canadian nickname for Royal Canadian Mounted police.
  30. Full cream—for those who like sex while on duty on streets.
  31. Pig pen—same as above
  32. Pincher—Arrester!
  33. Ment—Russian officers in proper uniform!
  34. Hard candy— In the UK, people use the term for colorful uniforms of police officers.
  35. Cherry Toppers—For the police men sitting in the car with red light.
  36. Chimps—Hopeless Police officers
  37. Murija—bad police
  38. Keuf—rude officer!
  39. Panda—fat ass!
  40. Rati— Argentinean nickname for officers wearing strap on the chest.
  41. Rollers—American black officers!
  42. Chul bul panday—An Indian character of a police officer who was a sign of fear for criminals.
  43. Stormtrooper—Used due to the activities of riot police.
  44. Singham—Another Indian Character of honest police man.
  45. Darinday—A Pakistani nickname for cruel police officers.
  46. Perp—Criminal Investigator!
  47. Gun wizards—Officers with an exceptional ability of shooting innocents.
  48. Gura—Latin American slang nickname for raiders.
  49. Han Kuff—Aways have cuffs for criminals. Stay away!
  50. Paharoah—Cruel officers
  51. Firoun—Same as above used in Asian countries.
  52. Duck and Geese—UK’s nickname.
  53. Zameen k Khuda—Another desi nickname for cruel police men.
  54. Donut Muncher—American Nickname for police officers on night duty
  55. Donut Patrol—Same as above
  56. Body fuzzers—Touch inappropriately
  57. Poonty— Just to make fun of dishonest police men.
  58. Street Boys—A perfect street nickname for patrolling team.
  59. Back street boys—Same as above
  60. Code Brown—Police officers on patrolling need to go to the bathroom.
  61. Adam Henery—An Aerican nickname to call the officer asshole.
  62. Rashers—Pigs in the UK
  63. Fakabat—Hungarian nickname for brown jackets of police officers.
  64. Feo—Dominant police officers in Spanish and America.
  65. Fizi—Another Czech nickname.
  66. Gestapo—Secret Police in German
  67. Grasshopper— Something for police informant
  68. Mafia—A nickname for police used in Indo-Pak region.
  69. Paiti bhai—Another one from Indo-Pak…
  70. Statie—Used in America for those who discuss their state all the time.
  71. Mabando—active police officers
  72. Tombo—The office who looks like tomboy
  73. Blufoot—taller police officer.
  74. Pandu—A Hindi nickname used for police inspectors.
  75. Gaets—A Russian Nickname for traffic police.
  76. Tira—Old police officers!
  77. Gammon— Same as bacon in UK.
  78. LEO’s—Law enforcement officers!
  79. Pasmuti—Spniah nickname for higher command!
  80. Bad Boys—Corrupt!
  81. Flying birds—Flying squad!
  82. Thin blue line—Police officers acting as a barrier between society and chaos.
  83. Thulla—Indian nickname for lower ranked officers.
  84. Tulla—Same as above
  85. Thollo—Same in Gujrati
  86. Panduri—For a group of corrupt police officers!
  87. Kosmonavt—equipped with weapons but lazy..
  88. Kerovi—A Serbian derogatory nickname to irritate police officers.
  89. Ponda—Used in kasmiris for bribers.
  90. Bullenschwein—Pig In German
  91. Don—In Pakistan and India, people use it for cruel officers.
  92. Parak—A nickname used in Philippines.
  93. Bófias—Pigs in Portugal
  94. Sarkar—Desi Slang for corrupt officers.
  95. Rat Bag—Undercover officer
  96. Big Out-laws—South Asians use it for corrupt police officers.
  97. Scum—in the lowest mode.
  98. Filthyp—Same as above.
  99. Long arms—criminal catcher police officers!
  100. Peeler—Same as Bobby
  101. Party Van—Police officers working on specific sities.
  102. Okami—A Japanese nickname to say police is above citizens!
  103. Paco—A Chilean nickname
  104. Kuka—Arrester in Bulagrian.
  105. Maatia kukura—Stupid and corrupt officers.
  106. Paddy Wagon—Police men sitting inside the wagon and chilling!
  107. Ghetto Crow—Another one for heli copter police
  108. AO—Assigning officer
  109. Stench—smell like pigs
  110. Gangsters—Cruel and offensive officers of South Asia
  111. Khaki Kutta—Uniformed Dog in Hindi.

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